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Storage Containers & Mobile Offices for


SCMO Construction

Providing Storage and Mobile Office Solutions for Your Construction Jobsite

Portable storage containers, office containers and mobile office trailers are essential for keeping construction equipment safe and providing clean and dry office space for your work crew. The United Rentals team works with general contractors and specialty subcontractors alike to support their construction storage and office space needs.

Our team is ready to provide immediate storage and workspace solutions. We offer a wide selection of construction office trailers, shipping containers for storage, ground-level offices and modular office buildings. With the acquisition of Pac-Van Inc., our already comprehensive catalog now has everything you need all in one place for your next construction project.

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Equipment Needed

Portable storage containers, ground-level offices, office trailers and modular buildings

Ground-Level Offices
Gray Ground Level Office

Ground-Level Offices

Fully customizable mobile construction office or storage space built from a converted storage container.

Storage Containers
Gray Storage Container

Storage Containers

14-gauge steel storage containers — also known as conex boxes, shipping containers, sea boxes and industrial containers — are great for equipment storage. Custom modifications can turn a standard container into tool cribs or plumber’s boxes.

Office Trailers
Portable offices

Office Trailers

Ideal for use as construction trailers, these portable construction offices make great meeting and workspaces for your crew.

Modular Buildings
Modular buildings

Modular Buildings

Durable modular buildings can be built and opened in half the time of traditional stick-built construction, providing cost and time savings.


Industry Solutions

What United Rentals Can Do for You

Let United Rentals be your provider of construction storage solutions

Construction and Delivery

United Rentals constructs and customizes your temporary construction office, container or trailer on our facilities and then delivers it to you, allowing you to manage your project.

Customized Options

Modifications to your storage or office container ensure your specific project needs are addressed, providing a safe, secure and efficient worksite.

Quick Turnaround

Using converted shipping containers and modular structures, the turnaround time for a customized solution is shorter than with traditional construction methods.

Cost Savings

When you leverage United Rentals storage containers and construction office trailers, you save time and money over stick-built construction, which helps to trim down budgets.


Storage Containers & Mobile Offices

Featured Projects for the Construction Industry

storage container being used as a temporary walkway on a construction site

Christ Hospital Temporary Walkway Provides Pedestrian Access

The Christ Hospital required a time-efficient solution to provide emergency pedestrian access to the hospital’s north wing. United Rentals provided a walkway consisting of a 40-by-8-foot ISO-type shipping container constructed of steel frames, fully vertically corrugated steel walls and roof, wood flooring, double-hinged doors and ISO corner fittings at eight corners. This project showcases just one of the many uses you may find for United Rentals' expansive catalog of mobile space solutions. The cargo container provided safe passage to pedestrians, allowing the hospital to continue operating at full capacity.


Charlotte Pedestrian Container Walkway Guides Foot Traffic

A construction company required a pedestrian walkway to run under a construction project located on the Charlotte Rail Trail, running parallel with the Charlotte Light Rail system. We provided 11 40-foot retired shipping containers lined up end to end, creating a 440-foot run. The containers were painted on the interior and exterior and match one of three magic carpet murals that are painted on the Rail Trail. The containers were modified off-site before installation by adding two 3-by-3-foot framed openings on each container and a functional half door on five of the containers to allow for a periodic point of egress along the entire run. Lights were strung up throughout the walkway to allow for nighttime visibility. The half doors were fabricated using the waste material that was cut out of the containers to create the openings. The containers can be used again for the same application for future projects, and sections can be added or removed depending on the distance of walkway required for the project.


Louisville Ground-level Temporary Office Buildings for Construction Sites

Our temporary office buildings provide on-site solutions for commercial, construction and industrial clients.

Construction companies frequently need temporary construction offices and on-site workspaces during projects, and ground-level office containers (GLOs) can fulfill those needs by providing an all-in-one office and storage solution. These portable offices are sturdy, secure and easily relocatable. They offer construction teams comfortable, climate-controlled workspaces that also provide security for valuable tools, supplies and equipment.

United Rentals has acquired all of Pac-Van’s insulated ground-level container offices, which consist of industrial-strength steel ISO shipping containers that have been modified to include heating/cooling, lights, electrical wiring and wall-mounted j-boxes for phone/data connections. They include security features such as solid steel doors and sturdy welded steel security bars on windows. United Rentals can incorporate further modifications to our jobsite storage or office containers by adding roll-up doors, a turbine or power vent, overhead lighting, electrical outlets or a finished restroom.

Recently, our Louisville branch rented a modified ground-level portable office complex to a construction company for 19 months, providing necessary office space during the construction of a new chapter of the YMCA of Greater Louisville.


The YMCA will be built on a 12-acre lot and holds 270 parking spaces and a multi-sport field. The 62,000-square-foot building will include a pool, a fitness center, an indoor track, a children’s activity area, a gymnasium and a multifunctional room.

Due to the large scale of this project, the construction team required ample space to provide both workspace and the storage necessary to store all their materials. Our Louisville branch provided a 32-by-40-foot ground-level office complex. It comprises four 8-by-40-foot shipping containers and a vast open space that can serve as a large conference room or storage area. The temporary office building also has four 8-by-10-foot private offices with built-in desks and filing cabinets.

Ground-level offices have a wide range of benefits. They are easily set up since all they need is a level surface; they can also be placed almost anywhere, including on top of one another. The easy setup and stackable nature of GLOs save construction companies both time and space. Additionally, these temporary workspaces are portable and easily movable by forklift or crane throughout a worksite.

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