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Fluid Solutions for

Flushing Applications

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Providing flushing equipment for purging hydraulic systems, mechanical flushing and other time-sensitive flushing solutions

United Rentals is on constant standby to ensure we are ready to help our customers get their flushing projects across the finish line on time. We’ve partnered with people in all 50 states to provide efficient flushing solutions where and when they’re needed. United Rentals stocks a superior fleet of custom-engineered flushing equipment to meet the needs of your project, whether the system needs to go inside a building or on a roof.

Our flushing experts are trained to help make sure your project faces no delays or downtime. Should your timeline get pushed behind, we’ll make sure the equipment remains available, and if the needs of your jobsite change, we’re here to mobilize additional flushing systems. We know that time is critical in flushing applications, and we’re here to make sure you stay on schedule.


What United Rentals Offers

United Rentals is your end-to-end single-source provider for flushing applications

Unmatched Responsiveness

United Rentals is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure your project stays on schedule.

  • Time-sensitive flush? We'll have your flushing equipment delivered on time.
  • Schedule pushed? We'll ensure your equipment remains available until needed.
  • Flush design changed at the last minute? Thanks to our massive fleet of flushing systems, we can always mobilize additional assets to meet your needs.
Quality Flushing Equipment

United Rentals has an unmatched fleet of equipment for flushing, including solutions for data center flushing, construction flushing and more:

  • Dedicated fleet of clean room pipes, hoses and fittings
  • Specialty flushing pumps
  • Stainless and carbon steel filters from 100 to 5,000 gallons per minute
  • Electric and diesel-driven pumps up to 45,000 gallons per minute
  • Custom-designed manifolds for rapid installation and efficient flows
  • Custom-sized secondary containment for all our equipment
  • Ultra-sonic and Doppler flow meters
  • Chemical injection skids
  • Remote monitoring of flows and pumps
  • A complete range of chemicals
Turnkey Solutions

Our experienced team will assist you in all phases of critical flushing and passivation:

  • Design and engineering
  • Drawings and modeling
  • Flushing equipment acquisition
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Monitoring and documentation
  • Chemical cleaning and passivation
  • Equipment removal
  • Final turnover to system owner

Timely solutions, quality results

Explore some of our recent flushing success stories

Manufacturer Expansion
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Semi-conductor Manufacturer Expansion


A large semi-conductor manufacturer needed to perform a 60,000 gallon per minute flush on a facility with limited space for necessary flushing equipment. The tight jobsite constraints ruled out the use of vertical round bag filters based on the available footprint.


United Rentals specialists met with the customer to discuss available options. Following the job walk, UR presented a customized solution utilizing 17 high-flow horizontal bag filters allowing the customer to meet the challenging conditions of the limited jobsite footprint. Further, space limitations meant there wasn’t enough room to connect the filters to the headers with a hose. United Rentals proposed and custom-built HDPE spool pieces to exact specifications, enabling connections from the filters to the headers. The spool pieces required multiple angles and offsets to connect the headers and filters together.

Data Center
interor of a server room in a data center with white floors
Data Center Flush


A large data center customer had multiple flushes to complete in a tight time window and planned to move the equipment from one flush to another as flushing was completed. Everything went according to plan until the second flush. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it became evident that the equipment needed to stay in place on the second flush to keep the water flowing. The owner wasn’t ready to accept the turnover of the system. This put flushes three and four in danger of not meeting the required deadline for completion.


The data center customer called United Rentals and explained the situation expressing a need for an identical setup as the one they were currently using. The flushes utilized three 12’ electric drive pumps with VFDs and six 23 bag filters, flanged fittings, and numerous hose lengths, all required to be clean room certified. The equipment needed to be onsite seven days from the call.

With access to the largest fleet of rental equipment in North America, the local branch was able to source equipment quickly. As trucks rolled in with equipment, they were unloaded and underwent a complete inspection and test protocol. The VFDs were programmed and tested with the pumps.

Although 12” clean room flanged hose proved difficult to source due to high utilization on other projects, United Rentals Fluid Solutions was able to use its trusted partners to purchase and ship enough new hose to meet the customer’s deadline.

Semi-conductor Manufacturer
green custom manifold with tanks in the background
Second-floor Flush


A large semi-conductor manufacturer needed to perform multiple flushes on a portion of their new chip fab building. The only access to the flushing point of connection (POC) was inside the building on the second floor. To access the second floor and enable proper placement, equipment needed to conform to specific size specifications to fit in an elevator. Further, second-floor loading limitations had to be considered as the required equipment exceeded the working load rating of the floor when plumbed together. The customer also wanted to perform multiple flushes of various size pipes with the same equipment.


After completing a detailed job walk with the customer, United Rentals compiled all necessary requirements that the flushing equipment needed to be lifted and then placed properly for the project. UR modified its variable frequency drives (VFD) to fit into the elevator and installed casters on all equipment so it could be easily rolled into position. Utilizing a custom-built manifold and numerous lengths of hose, United Rentals spread the equipment out in such a way that the completed system complied with the second-floor load rating.

Finally, United Rental’s Variable Frequency Devices (VFDs) allowed the customer to flush different size lines using the same equipment. For the smaller lines they were able to slow the pumps down and stay within the owner’s parameters.


More information about flushing

FAQs about Flushing
How can I make my flush program as sustainable as possible?

Utilizing UR's extensive fleet of electric drive pumps combined with VFDs utilizing shore power will ensure your flush is sustainable as possible. The amount of diesel fuel and emissions saved will result in a more sustainable flush and significant cost savings. The VFD's benefits include reducing starting amps required and the ability to vary the frequency of the pump to match the design requirements.

I need a complete turn-key flush for an upcoming project. Does United Rentals offer just equipment or complete systems?

UR offers complete turn-key systems. We can supply all the equipment you need, including flanged hoses, 23 bag filters and more. Our experts and engineers will design the flush system, provide computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and layouts. UR has experience with everything from a 100 gallon per minute flush to a 60,000 gallon per minute flush. Utilizing the engineering calculations, UR will provide the required flushing equipment, install, and operate the system. Upon completing the flush, the system will be removed and turned over to the owner.

I have a compressed schedule and need to complete my flush as quickly as possible. I was advised to bleed and feed the system, but I understand that can be a slower process. Does UR offer a more efficient alternative?

By utilizing UR’s extensive fleet of flushing equipment, we can provide you with a timely solution. UR can provide multiple filters to lower your iron levels and shorten the duration of your flush more efficiently. Several sets of horizontal or vertical bag or cartridge filters set up in sequence with progressively smaller micron filters will reduce your iron levels significantly quicker

Cleanliness of my system is extremely important, and I can’t afford any cross contamination. Does UR offer a segregated fleet of flushing equipment?

UR offers a segregated fleet of flushing equipment that seeks to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination. UR has electric drive pumps, bag filters, flanged hoses, and more equipment dedicated to flushing

Does UR offer engineering services for flushing?

UR has an extensive engineering department and can provide you with complete system engineering, TDH calculations, CAD drawings and anything else required for submittals.


Solutions for your flushing needs

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