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Storage Containers & Mobile Offices for

Sports and Entertainment



Providing Portable Storage and Office Containers, Mobile Office and Modular Building Solutions for Sports and Event Management

At United Rentals, we know that our sports and entertainment customers have a lot to plan. While you focus on the essentials, let us help with your portable storage container and office or workspace needs. Our extensive lineup of containerized products includes portable ground-level offices for ticket sales, trade show custom modified shipping containers, containerized first aid offices, event storage lockers, modular sports changing rooms, prefabricated locker rooms, modular press boxes and more.

Thanks in part to our 2021 acquisition of Pac-Van, Inc., portable storage and office inventory and representatives, United Rentals has the equipment, the staff and the know-how to help you manage your next big event.

Event storage containers, ground-level offices, office trailers and modular buildings

Storage Containers
Gray Storage Container

Storage Containers

14-gauge steel storage containers — also known as conex boxes, shipping containers, sea boxes and industrial containers — for equipment enclosures and storage.

Ground-Level Offices
Gray Ground Level Office

Ground-Level Offices

In-plant offices and temporary sales huts built from storage containers. Great for ticket booths, press boxes and other event workspaces.

Office Trailers
Portable offices

Office Trailers

Ideal for portable locker room trailers, event parking kiosks, first aid trailers and more.

Modular Buildings
Modular buildings

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are perfect for use as press boxes, clubhouses, locker rooms and more.


Industry Solutions

What United Rentals Can Do for You

Let United Rentals be your provider of sports and events management solutions

Construction and Delivery

United Rentals constructs and customizes your temporary building on our facilities and then delivers it to you, allowing you to focus on planning your event.

Customized Options

Modular buildings and modified storage containers can be expanded upon and added onto when needed, such as modular ticket booths when sports seasons pick up.

Quick Turnaround

Using converted shipping containers and modular event structures, the turnaround time for a customized solution is shorter than most other construction methods.

Cost Savings

When you leverage United Rentals event storage containers and mobile offices, you save time and money over traditional stick-built construction, which helps to trim down budgets.


Storage Containers & Mobile Offices

Featured Projects for Sports and Entertainment


2-plex Gahanna High School Modular Press Box Done Before Season Starts

The Gahanna High School field required more seating and an enhanced viewing experience for their game attendees, coaching staff and announcers. Additionally, our client needed this project completed on a strict timeline, as the construction had to be done before the school's first scheduled event. We constructed this 900-square-foot modular press box to accommodate these needs. The two-piece prefab press box comprises a control box, two coach's boxes and a suite on each end. Windows in the mobile press box are slanted to avoid glare and offer viewers and press members a perfect view of the field. Gahanna High School saved money and time thanks to the efficiency of modular construction.


4-plex Somersett Country Club Modular Building Saves Club Money

The Somersett Country Club required an inexpensive building that would blend in with the rest of the club and the surrounding community. We designed this modular clubhouse with those requirements in mind and integrated Tudor styling, clapboard exterior, double French doors and architectural roof shingles into the building’s design. Tapered and textured with a trowel-finish floor and adorned with chair rail and crown molding, this prefab clubhouse capitalizes on its 10-foot ceilings. The rectangular configuration allows perfect spacing for the bar and lounges, pro shop, office, conference area and spacious restrooms.


Tennis Team Facility Adds Needed Spectator Seating

This 8-foot by 40-foot ISO standard container was installed adjacent to multiple tennis courts at an Indianapolis private high school. It is being used as a tennis training facility. The shipping container event space is climate controlled and utilizes the original container doors to lead into an equipment storage area. An exterior man door gives access to a space for players to review instructional training videos. The interior is bright due to the 48-inch energy-efficient LED lights as well as high-efficiency windows for observation and natural lighting. The walls are covered with vinyl-covered Luan, and the flooring is finished with vinyl tile. The container was painted to match the branding of the school. The shipping container stands also include an exterior stairwell leading up to an observation deck with a wrap-around fence enclosure that can accommodate up to 42 spectators for a full view of tennis matches.


Tadano Tradeshow Modular Booth Allays Cost of Convention Space

Tadano Cranes’ exhibit at the Con Expo Show in Las Vegas had to showcase their product line effectively within a very limited space. The design of the United Rentals standard 24-foot by 44-foot sales office suited their needs. The compact layout of the modular trade show booth allowed for three private conference spaces and a large display area. The open area included a custom serving bar and a continuous display cabinet along one wall. The separated French entry doors facilitated smooth entry and exit for attendees. The compact design of the building was made accessible by a ramp on the side and a wide staircase in the front of the building. By using a standard modular building, Tadano was able to allay the high cost of convention space and construct a custom building to fit their booth space needs. The building took a total of three days to install and two days to dismantle. With the interior and exterior adorned in custom logos, Tadano had the advantage of great brand recognition, comfortable and affordable convention space, and an aesthetically pleasing, accommodating atmosphere.


Madison Mallards Duck Blind Container Facility Wins Best Ballpark Improvement

This shipping container stadium addition called the Great Dane Duck Blind & Suites is made from 36 cut storage containers and hosts a three-tiered general admission “duck blind” area that offers better sightlines and additional seating. The 7,500 square-foot shipping container seating area holds up to 700 guests and runs parallel to the foul line on the first base side. The first tier of the shipping container suites is a field-level area that features entertainment space and a bar. The bar features expanded views and an additional three tiers for added spectator visibility. Climate-controlled suites and an outside seating area occupy the second level. The third level includes an indoor/outdoor patio for added visitor enjoyment during pleasant weather, while the fourth floor features a rooftop suite. A 40-foot refrigerated unit was added to the structure and was modified in order to serve beer from tappers to patrons. The Great Dane Duck Blind & Suites was awarded the Best Ballpark Improvement (Over $1M) by Ballpark Digest.


5-plex Modified Container Portable Trade Show Booth

Shortly after the 2018 EAA AirVenture, a gathering of 600,000-plus aviation enthusiasts in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, our Green Bay branch was asked to inspect an aging five container complex.
We were also tasked with developing a solution to repair the unit so it was more visually appealing and didn’t leak during rainstorms. Upon inspection, it was apparent that the unit was not salvageable. Incorrect structure modifications, substandard craftsmanship and mold issues were pointed out to the customer, so the decision was made to build a new “high-end” complex.

The idea was simple: produce an extraordinary show space for an aircraft engine supplier to display its products and services for the 100th anniversary of the EAA AirVenture.

Our Green Bay branch was tasked with building a new 5-plex custom storage container that included a conference room, small office, utility room, ample show space and second-floor observation deck. We worked closely with the customer’s architect and engineer to design a suitable space that encompassed the customer’s vision. It was also important to incorporate appropriate construction techniques to ensure the unit would last for years to come.


Work began on this project in early January 2019. Our team disassembled the existing unit and tried to repurpose what they could in the new structure. After the demo, we scrapped the original building and got to work planning the new complex. In April, our team brought units into the modification shop one at a time, made the appropriate modifications, and then moved them one by one into the spray booth for spray foam and paint. Once the paint was complete, we assembled the five-container complex inside the mod shop to create the interior.

After the unit was complete, we loaded it onto trucks, convoyed it to the EAA grounds and craned it into place.

All in all, it took 1,513 hours of teamwork and dedication to produce this outstanding project. This project made its debut at the 2019 EAA AirVenture on Monday, July 22, 2019. Our Green Bay team also supplied space solutions to numerous other vendors at this event. Besides this 5-plex container trade show booth, we had shipping containers, ground level offices and mobile offices on site. It was great to be part of this project with our customers and to once again be a part of the EAA AirVenture event.

Have a project that requires container modifications? United Rentals can help it come to life.

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