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Fluid & Power solutions for your construction and infrastructure projects

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Fluid and Power solutions for your construction or infrastructure project

If sludge, slurry, rain, or wastewater are slowing down your work or if transferring, containing, or treating liquids is the job at hand, United Rentals can handle it.

As the largest provider of fluid solutions in Europe, we can help if you need a single submersible pump or a complete custom-engineered dewatering system.

Additionally, United Rentals has a comprehensive fleet of mobile generators and support equipment to power your construction site, whether you are in the middle of an emergency or when you need help preparing for a project.

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Case Study - Water Treatment for Tunnel Construction

During the construction of a railway tunnel, seepage water was pumped through the descenders (safety tunnel access) and brought outside to be discharged into the natural environment. Beforehand, a water treatment at 90 m³/h was necessary to remove suspended solids and traces of hydrocarbons.

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Case Study - Effluent Solution for Construction Site

This customer reached out to United Rentals for an effluent solution for one of their constructions sites. Due to the site drainage and outfall not being connected to the sewer network, the client needed to safely remove the effluent from the drainage system and store it above ground to allow for road tankers to empty the tank and dispose of the waste off-site.

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Power to Support Mains Distribution Board Upgrade

This customer reached out to United Rentals for temporary power. The customer had a block of exclusive apartments that required a mains upgrade to cope with current supply issues. 

United Rentals supplied two pairs of 100 kVA generators on a prime and standby application for occupant's safety. 

The customer always had power available even in the event of a generator failure.

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Emergency Power Supply

This customer had an old building in which they were removing asbestos. They needed emergency generators that must start automatically in the event of a power cut. 

United Rentals were able to offer a solution with a 100 kVA generator and power support equipment. 

This solution ensured electrical continuity 24/7 in the event of a power outage.


Construction & Infrastructure case studies

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Find the right temporary power solutions and be prepared
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Construction Overview


Construction Pits
  • Power for construction facilities
  • Dewatering of sludge
  • Groundwater dewatering
  • Storage of effluent 
Highways and roads
  • Power for lighting and machinery
  • Treatment of contaminated sludge
  • Treatment of groundwater
Airports and Railways
  • Emergency power systems
  • Storage of de-icing liquids
  • Storage of fire-water
  • Bypass of Sewer
  • Treatment of sewage
  • Additional settling capacity
  • Bypass of Oil-water separator
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