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Fluid solutions to support your production processes

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Solutions that support your production processes

Whether it is vital to continue your production process during planned maintenance projects or you need to treat contaminated liquids in an unexpected situation, United Rentals has the ideal solution for your manufacturing plant. Our highly dedicated team can design an integrated solution to support your requirements no matter how challenging or time-restricted the project may be.

All our products are designed with safety, versatility and flexibility in mind to handle even the most hazardous fluids. United Rentals understands the importance of minimising downtime within a manufacturing plant, no matter the industry. Our team will identify your specific challenges to tailor a project plan to provide temporary containment, transfer or treatment solutions that meet your needs every time.


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Case Study - Firewater Systems: Bypass of pumping station

Our customer in the manufacturing branch needed to perform mandatory maintenance work on their firewater tank and pumping system with minimal downtime for insurance reasons. 

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Case Study - Chemical Baths: Repair of pickling acid vessel

A steel production company identified a  leak in a vessel collecting waste water and acid within their pickling unit. The challenge was to repair or replace the leaking vessel whilst maintaining production. BA steel production company identified a  leak in a vessel collecting waste water and acid within their pickling unit.

Road Cleaning
Case Study - Roads: Sludge treatment of water basin

At a plant, by the nature of the business, roads are constantly polluted with dust, sand and metal particles.To maintain good housekeeping and limit environmental impact, sweeper trucks were continuously cleaning the roads and dumping the sludge in onsite pits for dewatering. The customer was seeking an alternative solution to dewater the road pollution because dumping into the onsite deep pits caused unsafe situations.

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Primary Process
  • Storage of waste with acids
  • Filtration of contaminated oil 
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Filtration of (aluminum) particles
  • Machining: bypass of a pickling vessel 
Cooling Water System
  • Filtration of cooling water
  • Bypass of pump station 
Fire Water System
  • Temporary water storage 
  • Filtration of contaminated oil 
Waste Water Treatment
  • Storage of additives 
  • Bypass of neutralisation unit
  • Temporary oil skimmer 
  • Bypass of oil water separator 
  • Bypass of settling pond 
  • Bypass of sewer 
  • Sewer: treatment of content 
  • More wastewater treatment applications
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