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Power to Support Mains Distribution Board Upgrade

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Power to Support Mains Distribution Board

This customer reached out to United Rentals for temporary power. The customer had a block of exclusive apartments that required a mains upgrade to cope with current supply issues. In addition to the mains upgrade the customer also needed two mains distribution boards upgraded which would result in the loss of power for several days. United Rentals had very limited site access for manoeuvring and positioning the generators. A large majority of the apartments are occupied full time so disruption had to be kept to a minimum. The customer needed site monitoring for reliability and fuel levels. 


  • United Rentals supplied two pairs of 100 kVA generators on a prime and standby application for occupant's safety.
  • Bulk Fuel tanks were delivered to give extended running time between refills.
  • United rentals operational team assigned an excellent driver who brought the equipment to site and unloaded within the limited space and without any difficulty. 
  • The generators on this project were equipped with telemetry that was used for monitoring performance and fuel levels.


  • The customer always had power available even in the event of a generator failure.
  • DNO and electrical engineers could go about their work unhindered.
  • Due to the bulk fuel tanks on site it meant there were less fuel deliveries which was important to keep disruption to a minimum for the occupants. 
  • United Rentals telemetry features enabled the customer to be notified of any potential problems and fuel levels.
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