Safety, quality, service and rapid response


For United Rentals employees, service is more than a brand promise, it's an integral part of our commitment to our customers. Whether it's making a midnight delivery of equipment for an emergency or spending hours ensuring our equipment is well-maintained and ready-to-rent, service to our customers is a core value. 
We've spent decades building a reputation in the rental industry for unparalleled service. Our commitment to customer service runs throughout the entire organisation from the specialist who helps build your solution to the associate who answers questions about your invoice.

Complexity is our specialty
From start to finish we can custom-design solutions for your most complex projects with a vigilant eye on saving you long-term costs and time.

People, Equipment, Solutions

More than just words in a slogan,

United Rentals has built it's baker history photobusiness around a commitment to it's customers.

Our People: We love what we do and take pride in being trusted advisors for your applications needs.

Our Equipment: Tailored to your needs and maintained through telemetry.

Our Solutions: Customizing a solution to fit your projects needs is what makes United Rentals Europe your equipment rental partner.


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