Battery Pack 45 kVA 60 kWh

Battery Pack Product Detail
Battery Pack Product Detail


Projects that require sustainable remote site power or emergency backup



  • Preventing low loading of generators. Optimizing the operation in respect of efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission.
  • Absorbing peaks of power demand due to the starting of electrical motors.
  • Additional power above the threshold set – peakshaving
  • Providing Uninterruptible Power Supply during a power failure



  • Environmentally friendly, helps in meeting emissions regulations and sustainability goals
  • Save on fuel, reducing both CO2 emissions and costs 
  • Increases reliability as it manages variable loads and eliminates light load periods
  • Delivers zero noise, ideal for projects where sound needs to be kept to a minimum

Battery Pack 45 kVA 60 kWh


Single point power supply:

Input: 400 (325-450) V
Output: 400 V, 50 Hz – Three Phase

Output power:

45 kVA (30min)

Nominal Capacity:

56.5 kWh

Charge Time:

2h 45min @ 21 kW

Discharge Time:

5h 30min (External Source + Storage)
2h 15min (Storage)

Max Output Current (A/ph):

125 A (External Source + Storage)
45 A @ 400 V (Storage)

Continuous Pass Through:

100 A per phase (External Source only)

Max Combined Output:

125 A per phase (External Source + HES)

Max Power Assist:

Max Power Assist: 26 kVA

Operating Temperature Range:

- 10 °C up to + 40 °C

Life Cycle/Charge Cycle:

6000 hr / < 3 weeks

Water/ingress Protection Rating:


Battery Chemistry:

LFP Batteries with BMS



1440 Kg


1450 mm x 1238 mm x 1792 mm (L x W x H)

Lifting Options:

Flexible maneuverability options with forklift pockets, lift & drag skid and lifting ring


  • Powerlock Type Connectors Inlet, Power Terminals, 125 A CEE Inlet (Three Phase) & 16 A CEE Inlet (Single Phase)
  • Powerlock Type Connectors Outlet, Power Terminals, 125 A CEE Outlet (Three Phase) & 16 A CEE Outlet (Single Phase)
  • MC4 Solar Input
  • DC Connector
  • RJ45 Connector (WAN)

Control Panel:

ECM 7” Touch Screen Module: Intelligent on-board energy control module that communicates with the generator

Temperature Control:

Analogue Voltage Controlled Forced Air Cooling

Remote Generator Start:

Dry contact relay

Remote Communication:

POWR2 Portal for monitoring and optimization of performance