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Oil & Gas Exploration

Containment, Transfer and Treatment solutions for drilling, fracking and well production

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Flexible & safe storage for Oil & Gas applications

Over half a century ago, United Rentals started its business by supplying tanks to the Californian ‘oil patch’. As a result, we have developed a deep knowledge base in drilling, hydraulic fracturing, well production and stimulation. With this understanding we have created process solutions for drilling muds, water management and the safe containment of raw products. At United Rentals we can help you meet your local, national and EU regulatory obligations.

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Case Study - Onshore drilling compound: Rainwater treatment

Our customer needed to harvest, treat and store rainwater from an onshore drilling site to ensure an efficient and environmentally sound process.

In addition, they were being constantly monitored on the environmental impact of the project so they needed to minimise both water use and transport movements. 

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Case Study - Drilling mud facility: Storage & treatment of drilling mud


Our customer needed to filter drilling mud that might contain low amounts of oil at there Filtration Unit.  The challenge was to contain, transfer and treat the drilling mud all at the same time while staying operational.

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Case Study - Inflow Water: Containment and treatment of inflow water


The customer needed to store and treat water that would be pressurised down the well in their Gas Exploration. The challenge was to create a temporary tank farm and then filter the water before Gas Production.

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  • Transfer of mud
  • Storage & mixing of drilling mud
Hydraulic Stimulation - Inflow
  • Storage of inflow
  • Storage of chemicals
  • Transfer of inflow
  • Screening of inflow
Hydraulic Stimulation - Backflow
  • Storage of backflow
  • Transfer of backflow
  • Treatment of backflow
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Rainwater treatment
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