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Flexible integrated solutions for cost-effective wastewater treatment and temporary power supply

United Rentals fluid and power solutions equipment can be placed into the heart of your wastewater treatment project, expertly aligned for cost-effective treatment processes. Our temporary liquid treatment equipment helps achieve more efficient maintenance, testing and batching of waste streams, whilst our power generators can provide extra power during site shortages. Our solutions help you reduce compliance costs while saving time with flexible temporary fluid and power solutions.

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Case study - Primary Clarifier: Additional pre-treatment capacity


A refinery close to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) had a major Turn Around. The challenge was to send the waste stream from the cleaning activities during Turn Around completely to the WWTP.

Case Study - Aeration Pond: Supply of emergency standby power

CITGO has an aeration pond that is used in their Waste Water Facility. The aerators must stay running at all times to provide  movement and oxygen and all the aerobic bacteria to breakdown organic sediments in the waste water.

Case study - Secondary Clarifier: Mixed Containment of excess biomass


At a wastewater treatment plant, the Clarifier was producing more sludge than could be processed and dewatered on site.

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Case study - Biological treatment: Bypass of oxic zone


The Oxic Zone at a wastewater treatment plant was due for maintenance. Our customer needed a temporary solution to bypass this zone to keep the wastewater treatment plant operational. 

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Wastewater treatment case studies

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NEW: Submersible Pumps

United Rentals is introducing a new line of Submersible Pumps and available in three different versions -clear water, waste water and sewage water pumps. 
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Primary Treatment
  • Sewer: Bypass during inspection & cleaning
  • Settling pond: Additional capacity during turnarounds
  • Oil-water separator: Bypass during repair of oil skimmer
  • Neutralisation: Storage of additives
  • Aeration pond: Supply of emergency standby power
Secondary Treatment
  • Chemical treatment: Storage of coagulation/flocculation composition
  • Chemical treatment: Additional capacity due to higher pollution levels
  • Biologic treatment: Bypass of anoxic or oxic zone
  • Biological treatment: Storage of excess contaminated sludge
Tertiary treatment
  • Membrane: Bypass during maintenance
  • Polishing: Additional treatment due to toxic pollution
  • Clarifier: Additional capacity due to higher inflows
  • Clarifier: Storage of excess biomass
  • Water treatment trailers: Additional temporary during maintenance
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