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Baker reduced tank cleaning time by 66%

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Terminals & Pipelines

Reduce time and cost on pipeline operations.

Baker tanks allow for faster, more flexible, and potentially less expensive processes for the cleaning and repair of oil & gas terminals and pipelines.

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Case Study - Slugcatcher Cleaning

A Gas Terminal was looking to clean their slugcatcher after several years without an extensive insight in the type and amount of pollution. Their request was to treat the expected waste water and recycle the effluent so they would not need to dispose it off site.

By returning the water that was used for cleaning into the jetting unit they could create a closed loop system. Negating the requirements for extra water intake.

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Case Study - Pipeline Maintenance

Europe’s oldest and largest pipeline was expected to be emptied prior to maintenance work. However crude oil was discovered in it, prompting a rapid response from Baker to reduce the risk of a delay in the project or an oil spill at the refinery site.

By implementing 11 Baker tanks with over 100 metres of hosing, our Baker solution eliminated any risk of spill whilst the pipeline fixed and prepared for future use.

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Case Study - Oil Terminal Cleaning

A permanent crude oil tank needed to be cleaned of "slop" - a mixture of mud and fuel. Unfortunately the customer did not have a way to separate out the slop from the cleaning water.

By installing a coil tank to heat the waste stream and one separator tank to separate water from oil, our Baker solution reduced waste disposal and disposal costs. Additionally, cleaning downtime was cut from six weeks to two weeks.

Terminals & Pipelines solutions


Planned Maintenance
  • Pressure testing / testing of water tightness of pipelines
  • Tank cleaning
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Storage of cutter fluids (e.g., cleaning liquid)
Planned Storage
  • Storage of crude oil, glycol, and demineralise
  • Liquids to test pipeline
  • Buffer storage for blending
Unexpected Situations
  • Storage of water backup for firefighting
  • Storage of the liquid content of the pipeline / fixed storage tank
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