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Temporary Pump Buffer

Temporary Pump Buffer



  • During the construction process, a customer needs a temporary water facility as source for their temporary water network.
  • Non drinking water will be used for ground drilling, emergency water and cleaning water. There is no requirement to purify the used water.
  • The customer has a small tankon site, but this isn’t sufficient to keep up with the total usage of water and has nothing in place to keep their tank filled.
  • The customer needs an additional source of water, for example “clean” sewage water to maintain the level in their own fixed tank. A nearby pit provided by the customer can be used as asource for additional water.


  • United Rentals Electric Submersible Pump - 6" was used to pump surface water from the nearby pond towards the temporary pump buffer.
  • United Rentals 35 m³ tank was used as a pump buffer to ensure the people at the construction site have enough water available during the construction works. 
  • Pump floaters are used to control the level in the pump buffer.


  • The solution provided ensured continuous incoming flow of surface water. There were no unwanted interruptions due to insufficient water in thenetwork system.
  • This was a low-cost solution, facilitated using surface water instead of drinking water.
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