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Faster, more flexible, and cost effective solutions for cleaning and testing pipelines & terminals

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United Rentals can reduce time and cost on pipeline operations

Baker tanks allow for faster, more flexible, and potentially less expensive processes for the cleaning and repair of oil & gas terminals and pipelines. Our complete line of tanks, pumps and filtration equipment is designed with safety and quality as a top priority.  Together with our deep knowledge and experience, we offer rental equipment which helps you succeed in challenging situations.

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Case Study - Pigging: Reuse of wastewater for pipeline flushing

A hydrocarbon pipeline required flushing after years without maintenance. To minimise the cost of importing clean water and disposing of dirty water the customer wanted to reuse the water to flush the pipeline clean.


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Case Study - Oil water Separator: Bypass & treatment of polluted waste stream

Whilst maintenance was carried out on a customer’s oil/water separator, the system needed to be bypassed to allow the continuation of production. Pollution such as oil, benzene and naptha resulting from several different processes is contained within the customer’s tank containment areas and normally fed into the oil/water separator after rainfall or cleaning. 

Terminals & Pipelines case studies

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NEW: Submersible Pumps

United Rentals is introducing a new line of Submersible Pumps and available in three different versions -clear water, waste water and sewage water pumps. 
Read more here.

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  • Treatment of flushing water
  • Removal of groundwater
  • Transfer of wastewater
  • Treatment of pigging water
  • Transfer of liquids
  • Bypass of sprinkler system
  • Bypass of sewer
  • Treatment of rainwater with oil
  • Emptying of retention
Storage tanks: Liquid
  • Treatment of influent water before testing
  • Treatment of cleaning water
  • Treatment of influent water after testing
  • Transfer of inflow
  • Storage of chemicals
Storage tanks: Gas
  • Treatment of cleaning water
  • Liquid storage
  • Removal of sludge & hydrocarbon
  • Treatment & reuse of wastewater during cleaning
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