Diesel Generator 300 kVA Industrial

G300RS - UR.png
G300RS - UR.png


Projects that require efficient and reliable temporary power, including industrial locations


  • Powering locations where permanent electricity supply is not available -such as temporary accommodation, construction or other remote sites
  • Replacing utility power supply to industrial equipment - motors, pumps, conveyors and other equipment
  • Additional power for seasonal increases in demand such as manufacturing, distribution and strorage


  • Telemetry, spark arrestor, automatic engine shut-off valve and multiple generator synchronisation
  • Fuel efficient, proven reliability
  • Robust design

Diesel Generator 300 kVA Industrial


Power Factor:

3 phase: 0.8
1 Phase: 1

Fuel Consumption:

100% Load Prime       50 Hz     62.90 L/h
75% Load Prime                       49.40 L/h
50% Load Prime                       36.30 L/h
100% Load Standby                 69.20 L/h

100% Load Prime       60 Hz     64.20 L/h
75% Load Prime                       53.60 L/h
50% Load Prime                       38.00 L/h
100% Load Standby                 68.60 L/h

Fuel System:

Diesel Specification                  EN590
Standard Capacity Fuel Tank   520 L

Typical Sound Pressure level at 75% Prime Power:

dBa @ 7 50 Hz 68 dBa




4.668 Kg
*Standard build with all fluids except fuel


2258 mm x 1650 mm x 4122 mm (H x W x L)

Shipping Volume:

Sea Ready 15.40 m³



                                                 1500 RPM  1800 RPM
Net Output Rating (PRP)            272 kW      286 kW
Net Output Rating (Standby)      299 kW      315 kW

Manufacturer and Model: John Deere 6090HFU84
Fuel: Diesel
Injection: Direct
Aspiration: Turbo Charged
Bore and Stroke:118 x 136 mm
Displacement: 9.00 L
Cooling: Water
Compression Ratio: 16 : 1
Engine Oil Specification: JCB EP 15W40
Engine Oil Capacity: 31.00 L
Coolant Capacity: 37.00 L
Governer: mechanical
Air Filter: Paper Element
Engine Oil Consumption: 100% 0.1% of fuel consumed 
Exhaust Emission After Treatment: None
Emission Standard: Stage IIIA Transition

Alternator HCI 4440:

Poles: 4
Winding Connections: Star
Insulation: Class H
Encloser: IP23
Exciter System: Self Regulating brushless
Voltage Regulator: AVR 
Steady State Votlage Regulator:  +/- 1%
Bearing: Single bearing sealed
Coupling: Flexible doc
Cooling: Direct drive centrifugal fan

Starting System:

Battery Capacity:120 Ah
Number of Batteries: 1
Auxillery Voltage: 12 V

Air System:

Intake Air Flow 100% Standby 50 Hz 1296 m³/h 
Radiator Cooling Airflow: 6.5 m³/h


Exhaust System:

IMaximum temperature:                    50 Hz    547 °C
Exhaust Gas Flow 100% Standby:                 57.60 m³/min
Maximum Allowed Back Pressur                    7.50 kPa
Exhaust Discharge Size:                                178 mm