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Fluid & Power solutions engineered to handle the most hazardous chemicals

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Exceptional flexibility in integrated solutions

We provide large capacity temporary fluid and power solutions for petrochemical plants, refinery turnarounds and maintenance. From storing even the harshest of chemicals across the pH scale to providing temporary power during a transformer breakdown, United Rentals solutions are engineered to suit your chemical plant maintenance needs. Partnered with our range of ancillary equipment and a highly dedicated team, our fluid and power solutions ranges are designed to help you save time and reduce disposal costs whilst providing tremendous flexibility within efficient timescales.

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Case Study - Gasometer: Treatment of wastewater after high pressure cleaning

Our customers challenge was to avoid oil, tar, coating and particles from inside the tank being transferred to the onsite wastewater treatment plant whilst minimising downtime of the gasometer. 

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Case Study - Chemical Dosing Unit: Storage & reuse of chemicals

A Petrochemical site faced repeatedly clogging issues  within a dosing system required for the treatment of water released from a vapor treatment process. After thorough investigation it became clear that these events were caused by a high concentration of suspended solids coming from an onsite chemical containment facility. 

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Case Study - Crude Distillation Unit: Decontamination of particles during cleaning

During an extensive shutdown of a crude distillation unit (CDU), the primary cleaning contractor for a large refinery asked United Rentals for containment equipment to support the project. Initially, only additional storage capacity to buffer the effluent following cleaning was required.

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Case Study - Tank Farm: Storage & treatment of waste during Hydro Testing

Like in many industries, our customer performed a complete safety and quality review of several large storage tanks within there Tank Terminal. After a complete review and performed maintenance effort, the integrity of the tanks had to be checked and approved by a Hydrotest.


Petrochemical case studies

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Primary Process
  • Tank farm: Storage & treatment of water during hydro testing
  • Gasometer: Treatment of wastewater after high pressure cleaning
  • Chemical Dosing Unit: Storage & reuse chemicals
  • Cat-cracker: Storage & treatment of flooding water
Infrastructure & Cooling Water
  • Jetting facility: Additional storage capacity during turnaround
  • Pipelines: Treatment of flushing water during pigging
  • Cooling water: Treatment of polluted cooling water
  • Pumping system: Bypass during maintenance
Power Generation
  • Transformer: Storage & treatment of oil
  • Transformer: Temporary power during system failure
  • Boiler: Storage & treatment of flushing water
  • Boiler: Temporary additional power during shutdown
  • Exhaust system: Containment of chemicals
  • Pure water system: Mixing of feed water
  • More Power Generation & Distribution applications
Wastewater Treatment
  • Settling pond: Additional settling capacity
  • Oil water separator: Additional capacity during turnaround
  • Sewer: Bypass during maintenance
  • Neutralisation: Additional storage of additives
  • Brine Pump: Temporary power during loss of electricity
  • More wastewater treatment applications
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