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Efficient solutions that support your power plant

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Solutions that support your power plant efficiently

At United Rentals, we understand the importance of minimising downtime and keeping costs low within your power plant. Whether you are planning a turnaround for your primary processes such as your transformer, boiler or exhaust system, or you have contaminated liquids that need to be cleaned before entering your onsite wastewater treatment plant, we can design a cohesive integrated solution to contain, transfer and treat large volumes of liquid with a small footprint.


Case study - Refinery - Treatment of cooling water basin
Case Study - Cooling Tower: Treatment of polluted cooling water

A power unit at a refinery had a highly polluted cooling water basin. The pollution consisted of bacteria, pipeline corrosion and other contaminants.

Transformer - slider
Case Study - Transformer: Storage & treatment of oil

During maintenance operations, a power plant needed to remove the oil from the Transformer and act as a bypass solution whilst the work was carried out.

Boiler - Slider
Case Study - Boiler: Storage & treatment of flushing water during cleaning

A power plant was planning a turnaround to inspect and clean one of their boiler systems.

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Primary Process
  • Fuel Tank: Srorage of process water
  • Exhaust System: Containment of chemicals
  • Tranformer: Storage & treatment of oil
  • Pure water system: Mixing of feed water
  • Turbine: Containment & treatment of hydraulic oil
  • Boiler: Storage & treatment of flushing water during cleaning
Fire Water System
  • Pumping system: Bypass during maintenance
  • Cooling tower: Filtration of cooling water
  • Water basin: Storage of firewater


Wastewater Treatment
  • Settling pond: Additional settling capacity
  • Oil water separator: Additional capacity during turnaround
  • Sewer: Bypass during maintenance
  • Neutralisation: Additional storage of additives
  • More wastewater treatment applications