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Complete range complementary with tanks, pumps and filtration equipment


Hose - NBR
Hoses - NBR

Projects that require an integrated solution with high quality and compatible hoses for transferring a wide range of liquids.

Hose - UPE-CI
Hoses - UPE

Smoother hoses avoid friction loss, static charge buildup, and are resistant to abrasion, weather and ageing.

Hose - UPE-PP
Hoses - Poly Tank

Ideal for projects that require an integrated solution with high quality and compatible hoses for transferring a wide range of chemicals.

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Mobile Systems

When chemicals need to be stored at conditions higher than ambient temperature, a mobile heater can be installed on the Poly Tank. Additionally, when chemicals need to be mixed or held in suspension, one or two mobile mixers can be installed on the Poly Tank. 
All Baker tanks have an integrated staircase with safety railing that helps to ensure the protection of your workers when accessing the top of the tank. Many of our tanks, such as our Double Walled Tank, Mix Tank and Filtration “Open Top” Tank, have an integrated safety railing along the top deck for roof access. For tanks that do not come equipped with the safety railing, a mobile handrail system can be installed as needed. The system can be folded down during transportation.


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NEW: Battery Pack 45 kVA 60 kWh

Find the right temporary power solutions and be prepared for everything, even the unplanned, with United Rentals’.
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Uniquely equipped to handle the most complex of projects

United Rentals stocks a wide range of heavy-duty hoses to handle almost any liquid. Whether NBR, Viton or UPE, our job is to listen to your project needs, recommend the right type of hose, and install the system on your project site.

Benefits of United Rentals hoses:

  • Wide range of various materials, dimensions and connections available
  • Able to withstand most chemicals and harsh conditions
  • Smooth interior to avoid friction losses
  • Conductivity avoids buildup of static charge



Temporary containment for a broad range of liquids. 

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Transfer solutions for industrial applications.

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Solids, Liquids or Vapour separation solutions to capture contaminants for responsible disposal.

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