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Measurement & Control

Seamless integration with United Rentals equipment


Tank Level Monitoring
United Rentals' Telemetry System

Discover the world of fluid solutions, where precision and efficiency are essential. Level measurement technology plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance of our containment equipment.

Telemetry systems are revolutionizing the management of operations across various industries. Imagine being able to monitor our rental equipment remotely, receive alerts, and optimize it’s performance without the need for constant on-site supervision. This is now a reality, thanks to the transformative power of telemetry.

The United Rentals’ Level Monitoring system is designed to be used on all United Rentals’ Storage Tanks and customer-owned equipment.

Level Monitoring & Control

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United Rentals Telemetry

Integrated fluid solutions beyond equipment rental

With the United Rentals level measurement solution, the level of a medium within a tank is accurately detected using radar measuring technology and then converted into an electronic signal. This signal is then either displayed directly on-site for local monitoring or seamlessly integrated into a process control or management system for remote monitoring and control.

pH Monitoring & Control

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NEW: Tank Unlined - 35 m³

United Rentals is introducing a new Tank that supports multiple less demanding containment, transfer and treatment applications.
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Temporary containment for a broad range of liquids. 

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Transfer solutions for industrial applications.

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Solids, Liquids or Vapour separation solutions to capture contaminants for responsible disposal.

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