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Equipment Access Management from United Rentals
United Rentals offers a wide range of digital applications and innovative solutions to help customers unlock a smarter worksite. As part of our suite of digital tools, United Rentals now offers equipment access control in the form of a keypad ignition lock on rental equipment. 
Access management can increase jobsite and worker safety, and also help owners and contractors boost productivity and reduce costs.

How it works:

When customers set up access management in an online platform, they can assign PINs to specific individuals or groups. Access can also be granted using RFID-enabled ID cards. When it's time to start the equipment, assigned workers can enter an assigned PIN or swipe the ID card which unlocks the keypad ignitiation lock.
Equipment access managment is an added tool to help customers work smarter and safer. Contact a United Rentals expert to learn more and get started. 

Access Management Features

Smarter, safer jobsites



Gain full control of who accesses your machines based on skills, craft and organization. 



Provide access only to trained personnel and reduce the risk of accidents. 


Remote Access

Remotely lock and unlock equipment as needed. 


Track & Report

Track and report equipment use by operator or business unit; accurately report utilization. 


Digital Applications & Innovative Solutions

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WEDGE Environmental Monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring for your worksite. 


Equipment Access Management: Safety, Productivity and Cost Benefits

Keypad ignition systems help to keep unauthorized users off machines and can provide utilization data at a granular level to improve decision-making.

More on Digital Solutions

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Increase Safety, Productivity and Efficiency with Equipment Access Management

Asset Management allows you to control who has access to equipment on your site, helping to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency, while decreasing theft, damage and misuse.


United Rentals Asset Management is the ultimate tool to help you increase productivity, and efficiency while protecting your equipment and your workers.

Contact us today to learn more.