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Access Management

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Connected Jobsite Access Management from United Rentals

Site access management and equipment access management are both critical to safety, security and productivity. United Rentals offers equipment access control in the form of keypad ignition locks and PIN codes, available on thousands of rental units.


NEW! United Rentals just announced a Next-Generation Access Management Solution that seamlessly manages jobsite and equipment access through RFID badges. The single-badge, multi-use solution can increase jobsite visibility and control for safer, more efficient operations.

How it works:

Next-generation access management is compatible with a variety of third-party workforce management solutions that register workers and issue RFID badges for site entry. Once connected, workers are authenticated for entry at jobsite turnstiles and vehicle access control points, available for rent as part of a one-stop site mobilization solution that includes fencing, restrooms, offices, and temporary power. The same RFID badge can be used for equipment access management, where access control keypads are installed, creating a seamless end-to-end access management solution.


United Rentals' cloud-based worksite management platform, Total Control®, connects jobsite access with equipment access management through user profile data. Administrators can upload user information from workforce management systems and grant access to specific pieces of equipment or equipment category classes. Users can also view real-time and historical insights into equipment usage.


Access Management is part of United Rentals’ suite of Worksite Performance solutions that help customers increase safety, productivity and sustainability.

Access Management Features

Smarter, safer jobsites

Connected Worker Access

Connected Worker Access

The single-badge, multi-use solution seamlessly grants worker access to jobsites and equipment.



Worker-specific utilization data increases accountability in the event of an accident or equipment damage and helps managers monitor the productivity of individual workers and crafts.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Next-generation access management is compatible with a variety of third-party workforce management solutions that register workers and issue RFID badges for site entry.

Track & Report

Track & Report

Worker-specific utilization data increases accountability and provides accurate real-time and historical insights into equipment usage. 


Digital Applications & Innovative Solutions

Total Control ®
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Total Control ®

A cloud-based fleet management software that can help change the way work gets done. 

United Rentals Mobile App
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United Rentals Mobile App

Off-rent, extend, manage and track your equipment in minutes from your phone.

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United Rentals Announces Next-Generation Access Management Solution

Solution Improves Safety, Security and Productivity

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Increase Safety, Productivity and Efficiency with Equipment Access Management

Asset Management allows you to control who has access to equipment on your site, helping to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency, while decreasing theft, damage and misuse.


United Rentals Asset Management is the ultimate tool to help you increase productivity, and efficiency while protecting your equipment and your workers.

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