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Fleet Management

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Improving the Local, Optimizing the Global

Managing equipment rentals across projects, jobsites and departments is inherently complex. Total Control® tames that complexity by acting as the single portal everyone in the enterprise can use to find out what they need to know about equipment on rent, in the context they need it. By putting information in context, Total Control drives efficiencies that in turn simplify the fleet management process and help organizations derive more value from their rentals.


An organization that uses Total Control across its fleet management and strategy processes will enjoy the larger impact of many jobs being done more efficiently. With time and experience, United Rentals has had the opportunity to observe best practices for using the Total Control throughout the fleet management process. 


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Fleet Management Features

Smarter decision making



Know where every piece of equipment is within and across locations and see account activity at a glance. 



Manage all of your equipment and billing in one place and set alerts to nip rental and billing issues in the bud. 



Measure and benchmark equipment utilization and track progress over time. 



Streamline order management and other administrative tasks through system-to-system integration. 

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6 Keys to Effective Fleet Management

How to create a fleet strategy that will reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Digital Applications & Innovative Solutions

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Get More Value from Your Equipment Fleet Today with Total Control

United Rentals makes it easy to bring innovative digital tools to complex worksites for unprecedented financial and operational efficiencies. Wherever you are in your equipment management journey, United Rentals is ready to help you take the next step forward to achieve better performance, increase productivity and realize more value.

We’ll show you how to leverage each of Total Control’s core value propositions to help better manage and optimize your fleet strategy.

Want to maximize the benefit you receive from Total Control? We are ready to show you how.