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Digital Applications and Innovative Solutions

Advanced Telematics

Learn more about Advanced Telematics

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Know where every piece of equipment is at a glance

Orchestrating the use of equipment on a busy jobsite is no small task. Data can help.


With telematics-enabled equipment from United Rentals, customers can maximize jobsite efficiencies with valuable insights into runtime and equipment utilization, plus gain visibility to all equipment on one place. Telematics data also enables customers to monitor equipment fuel and service with alerts. 


United Rentals has the largest and most robust, connected fleet in the industry, and a variety of trackable assets so customers have real-time visibility into location and utilization - owned and rented. 



Total Control ® and Telematics lets you do more with less. Contact us to get started today.


Advanced Telematics Features

Manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively



Users have access and visibility to equipment location, utilization and other key metrics. 



Set business rules that allow systems to alert users depending on certain criteria. This includes geo-fencing, fuel and maintenance alerts. 



Access and perform basic equipment operations like start / stop and throttle - remotely. 



From equipment positioning to work prep and other basic functions, you can develop business rules and systems to allow equipment to perform tasks automatically. 


Digital Applications & Innovative Solutions

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The United Rentals Mobile App

With the United Rentals Mobile App, you can request a pick-up in seconds, find out the location of your equipment as well as browse and rent from the world's largest inventory 24/7.

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Customer Equipment Solutions

Our Customer Equipment Solutions team specializes in equipment repair and service in the field and onsite, so you can keep your equipment in top operating condition.

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WEDGE Environmental Monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring for your worksite. 

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6 Ways Equipment Telematics Can Make Your Fleet Work Harder for You

Data from telematics devices can help improve fleet management, increase utilization and create savings that drop straight to the bottom line.


Solving for Customer Challenges

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Boost Productivity and Increase Visibility

The Problem

Little to no visibility on equipment runtime and utilization can be costly. So can using multiple systems to manage accounts and billing. If you're not tracking your equipment you could be losing valuable time and money.

The Solution

With our telematics solution, you can maximize jobsite efficiencies with valuable insights into your equipment runtime and utilization. We have more than 200,000 units in our fleet outfitted with telematics technology and ready to work for you. Monitor your equipment, maximize efficiency. 

Benefits for our Customers

  • Visibility into runtime and equipment utilization
  • Ability to locate equipment
  • Access to billing and account information
  • Alerts for fuel and service


More on Advanced Telematics

Learn more about Telematics
How it Works
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Total Fleet Management

Advanced features and benefits can be easily integrated onto customer-owned equipment using the same robust platform. Your equipment or ours, we've got you covered. 


Telematics Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens if the GPS signal is obstructed?

If there is insufficient satellite coverage, machine position will not be transmitted to our systems and while we will continue to take feeds from the servers, there will be no update to the position information. Other data sets such as meter should continue to update. The most common cause of loss of satellite coverage is when units are moved into buildings but may also occur anywhere the device is shielded from an adequate number of satellites such as in urban areas with many tall buildings.

What happens if the Cellular signal is weak of no signal?

If there is not a sufficient cellular signal, no information will be transmitted to our systems and while we will continue to take feeds from ZTR’s servers there will be no update to the information. A weak signal can also introduce incorrect data to the system such as a location that appears to suddenly and dramatically shift. Cellular signal loss can result from many causes including remote location and when units are moved inside of buildings. 

What happens if the device looses connection to the equipment?

Occasionally, the link between the machine and the telematics device fails. This can cause a loss of machine data or possibly a corruption of machine data. An ongoing loss of power from the machine to the device will drain the device battery and the unit may cease to communicate.

How can I learn more?

Learn more about Total Control and equipment telematics by contacting our team at [email protected].

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Increase Visibility and Productivity

Telematics provide visibility into equipment runtime, utilization, location and critical fuel and service alerts. 

Whatever your project demands, you can depend on United Rentals from start to finish. Our suite of digital tools and innovative solutions can help get the job done on time and on budget - safely.

We're ready when you are.