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Digital Applications and Innovative Solutions

Equipment Diagnostic Alerts

Learn more about Equipment Diagnostic Alerts

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Maximize Utilization. Minimize Downtime.

With Equipment Diagnostic Alerts from United Rentals, customers can stay informed about critical equipment functions and performance indicators. 

Through Total Control ®, customers receive customizable alerts about machines on their jobsites, streamlining equipment maintenance and keeping downtime to a minimum. 

Types of Equipment Diagnostic Alerts include:

  • Low DEF Level: Alerts when a piece of equipment's Diesel Emission Fluid falls below the low DEF threshold (25%)
  • Diesel Particulate Filter: Alerts when a piece of equipment requires a regeneration
  • Emergency Stop: Alerts when the E-stop on a piece of equipment is engaged
  • High Coolant Temperature: Alerts when a generator's temperature is running too hot
  • High / Low Frequency: Alerts when a generator is outputting at a high/low frequency

To learn more about available equipment diagnostic alerts, contact our team.


About Equipment Diagnostic Alerts

Bringing safety to the forefront


Used By the UR Team

Equipment diagnostic alerts keep our teams in the know and our rental fleet in top operating condition. 


Fast Response and Repair

Alerts enable teams to quickly understand and diagnose equipment issues for fast repair and minimized downtime. 


Streamlined Equipment Management

Customize alerts like fuel or DEF level give workers the flexibility to be in the know without physically checking each machine.


Specialized Equipment

Planned or unplanned, alerts for critical equipment use like backup generators can make a big difference in both time and safety. 


Digital Applications & Innovative Solutions

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Quick Tips: What is a DEF tank?

Learn more about the importance of diesel exhaust fluid


More on Equipment Diagnostic Alerts

What is the purpose of the Telematics “Equipment Alerts” tab?

To give customers visibility into equipment that may need attention.

How does data populate in the “Equipment Alerts” tab?

Equipment must have an active working telematics device. It must also meet the alert threshold, which determines wen a condition will trigger a violation, to let the user know there is a problem. 

Some of the line items are in Italics. What does that mean?

These are new records that have populated since the last time the user looked at the screen.

Are there email notifications?

Yes. Users can customize the alert and when they want to be notified. 

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Streamline efficiencies and reduce downtime

Lean on Equipment Diagnostic Alerts from United Rentals to keep tabs on telematics-enabled equipment. Respond and resolve issues quickly and stay on track with the right information, when and where you need it.

To learn more about Total Control ® and Equipment Diagnostic Alerts, contact our team.