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Digital Applications and Innovative Solutions

System Integration

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Increasing Productivity Through Integration

In today’s digital age, equipment rental information is as essential to a company’s bottom line as the equipment itself. As a result, businesses seeking greater visibility into the rental process require insight into the quantity, location, usage and management of rented items.

United Rentals has invested heavily in developing productivity-enhancing integration tools, digital platforms and cloud-based worksite management solutions that help companies not only see and manage their fleet, but also measure and optimize utilization.As part of its mission to drive productivity improvements through digital technology, United Rentals has taken the lead in integrating these and others of its systems with its customers’ to maximize ease of use and value.


Companies that effectively integrate providers’ systems with theirs gain measurable performance advantages, including better forecasting, reduced transactional costs, fewer reworks and errors, and faster, more effective problem resolution.


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Types of Integration

The Right One for Your Business

PO/Cost Object Validation & Budget Tracking

Allows United Rentals to validate customer purchase orders, work orders, cost centers and other cost objects to ensure appropriate funding and correct accounting information. This validation all happens while placing the order. Ensuring order accuracy improves budget tracking and eliminates common billing issues.

Invoice Automation

United Rentals also accommodates automated invoicing. Options include EDI, cXML, JSON, spreadsheet and flat file.

Automated invoicing works with:

  • Ariba
  • Coupa
  • AP
  • Oracle
  • Many other systems

Making the invoicing process touchless reduces errors, cuts costs and improves productivity, allowing for a streamlined billing process while enabling our customers to bill their customers faster.

Punch-out Catalog

Plugs into the customer’s procurement or ERP system, allowing customers to initiate and complete ordering from within their environment. The customer simply “punches out” to our catalog from within their system, chooses the items they wish to rent, and completes the transaction by issuing a purchase order.

This integration helps the customer drive process compliance, quickly locate and order needed equipment, correctly calculate the purchase order value and automate invoice transmission, thus improving cost tracking and billing accuracy.

API Integration

API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, is software that enables two applications to interact, by reading, digesting and transferring details seamlessly. With a broad selection of APIs at our disposal, we help simplify our customer’s procure-to-pay life cycle process, allowing for ordering through the customer’s interface and providing better visibility and control over PO and bill pay management.

Back-end inefficiencies are often caused by the need to reconcile underfunded POs and overlooked, disputed or aging invoices. Improvements help drive efficiency gains, positively affect ability to manage costs, and reduce admin/office expenses.


Digital Applications & Innovative Solutions

Advanced Telematics
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Advanced Telematics

We provide a Telematics solution across a range of technologies to help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively.

United Rentals Mobile App
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United Rentals Mobile App

Off-rent, extend, manage and track your equipment in minutes from your phone.

Total Control®
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Total Control®

A cloud-based worksite management solution that helps you make the most of your equipment fleet - rented and owned. 

Emissions Tracking
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Emissions Tracking

The Total Control feature provides customers with an informational report on estimated greenhouse gas and source pollutant emissions based on engine usage. 

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WEBINAR: Success Through Systems Integration

In this session, United Rentals reviews the different types of integrations and how they are applicable. Plus, we will address the multiple points in the P2P process, from ordering management of on-rent items, all the way to invoicing and payment. Explore the pros and cons of each option and get insights from the experts.

More on Systems Integration

How it Works
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Secure and Seamless Installation

The integration options offered through United Rentals come with the knowledge and assurance that:

  1. The integration process is seamless and configurable, allowing for solutions that accommodate existing processes and ERP systems, and enable us to leverage best practices to unlock value and increase productivity.
  2. Risks have been managed. United Rentals completes and services hundreds of secure customer integrations. Our integration solutions can help mitigate risk and reduce overall IT investment cost.

Procure-to-pay processes are a core activity, but they can be inefficient. In today’s high-risk environment, companies cannot afford to rely on a status quo mentality; they need automation to handle large volumes of data while also controlling costs effectively.

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Benefit from System Integration

Companies that effectively integrate providers’ systems with theirs gain measurable performance advantages, including better forecasting, reduced transactional costs, fewer reworks and errors, and faster, more effective problem resolution.

Yet gaining an integration advantage does not just happen. It requires a skilled partner with the resources and IT experience necessary to know what to integrate and how best to do so. Our expertise has become a core competency at United Rentals; combining IT expertise with an intimate knowledge of its customers’ business processes, United Rentals is fluent in all facets of integration, ensuring that the right kind – the one that delivers the most value to the customer’s business – will be the one the customer gets.