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Construction Lasers & Equipment for Rent

United Rentals' selection of construction lasers is tough, easy to use, reliable and ideal for inspecting piping or conduit and installing piping conduit and a variety of jobs that require layout work or accurate straight-line level reference. Our laser levels are easy to assemble and compact for convenient portability. Additionally, they are equipped with large displays for easy viewing and are durably constructed to withstand impact from rocks, cement, or other debris without suffering damage. With United Rentals, laser-level rental is easy. You can depend on us to provide the tools needed to keep your job tasks on track with safety and efficiency.

FAQs about Construction Lasers & Equipment

How are lasers used in construction?

  • A construction laser is useful for leveling or grading tasks that need two people when only one is available. The common tasks for levels are leveling worksites, grading terrain or leveling floors.

How does a laser level work?

  • The level emits light in the form of a laser beam through electromagnetic radiation. The beam of light creates a horizontal line that the worker can then use as a reference to attach another object to a wall or flat surface while maintaining a 180-degree line and ensuring a straight or level fixture.

How do laser receivers work?

  • Laser receivers — also known as laser detectors — can mount to a laser rod and detect the laser beam when you are working outside. Laser receivers are beneficial during daylight hours as the laser beam can be hard to see in the sunlight. The laser receiver typically emits a sound when you are close to being on level and again when you are on level.

Pipe Laser Pack Shot
Cat Class Code

Pipe Laser

  • Steep grade option available, "rake-in" up to 100%
  • Line range of 20 degrees
  • Grade range of -15% to +40%
  • Easy to use
  • Uses: Inspect piping or conduit for grade
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