The United Rentals Guide to Trench Safety

Trench and excavation safety can be a life or death matter.

Working in trenches and other excavations is one of construction’s most dangerous activities, but there are safety precautions and regulations in place to make most trench accidents preventable.

United Rentals presents a Guide to Trench Safety to put the real consequences of trench and excavation accidents into perspective — and to serve as an overview to help you create a strong culture of trench and excavation safety.

In the downloadable e-book, readers will learn:

I. The Story of a Trench Collapse Survivor

  • Eric Giguere survived a trench cave-in, and his story shows how accidents can be prevented.


II. The Role of the Competent Person

  • A designated and properly trained competent person is the first step in prioritizing trench safety.


III. Choosing the Right Trench Protective System

  • There are five factors contractors should consider in choosing a trench protective system.


IV. When a Professional Engineer is Needed

  • In some complicated excavations, a professional engineer is required in order to make sure the excavation is done safely and effectively.


V. Myths About Protective Systems

  • Breaking down the common misconceptions about trench protective systems.


VI. When a Trench is Considered a Confined Space

  • When a trench becomes a confined space, new regulations and rules must be followed.


VII. How to Create a Trench and Excavation Safety Culture

  • Preventing a trench collapse or cave in begins with a trench safety program as part of a strong safety culture.


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