Baker engineering reduces time for cleaning of a slop tank by 66%

The Oil Terminal's Challenge:  A permanent crude oil tank needed to be cleaned of "slop" - a mixture of mud and fuel. Unfortunately the customer did not have a way to separate out the slop from the cleaning water, which created the potential for very high disposal costs. Additionally, the slop was very time-consuming to clean.

The Baker Solution: Installation of one coil tank for heating the waste stream and one separator tank, both with secondary containment berms. In the coil tank, water was heated and then fed to the permanent tank to dilute the slop. The resulting liquid was then fed into the separator tank so the water and the oil could be separated from the slop.

Waste disposal volume decreased, as did disposal costs. Cleaning was cut from six weeks of downtime to just two weeks.

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Europe’s oldest and largest pipeline was expected to be emptied prior to maintenance work. However crude oil was discovered in it, prompting a rapid response from Baker to reduce the risk of a delay in the project or an oil spill at the refinery site.

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