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Exceptional flexibility in storage volumes

We provide large capacity temporary containment, transfer and treatment solutions for chemical plant and refinery turnarounds and maintenance. Storing even the harshest of chemicals across the pH scale with tremendous flexibility, cost-saving and efficient timescales, Baker solutions are engineered to suit your chemical manufacturing needs. Partnered with our range of ancillary equipment and a highly dedicated team, our liquid management range is engineered to help you save time and reduce disposal costs

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Case Study - Storage & Reuse of Chemicals

A Petrochemical site faced repeated clogging events within a dosing unit required for the treatment of water released from a vapour treatment process. These events were caused by a high concentration of suspended solids coming from an existing storage tank. 

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Case Study - Hydro test at a Tank Terminal

Like in many industries, our customer performed a complete safety and quality review of several large storage tanks within there Tank Terminal. After a complete review and performed maintenance effort, the integrity of the tanks had to be checked and approved by a Hydrotest.



Planned Maintenance
  • Tank cleaning
  • Separator cleaning
  • Plant sewer maintenance
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Cleaning of wastewater treatment plants
  • Heat exchanger bundle cleaning
  • Boiler chemical cleaning and maintenance
  • Unit chemical cleaning and maintenance
Short, Intermediate & Long-Term Storage
  • Storage of waste products
  • Temporary storage for wastewater treatment plants
  • Temporary storage of process liquids: e.g., bleach, sulphuric acid, TIO2, acrylic acid, glycol, caustics and acids
  • Temporary storage of intermediate chemicals, finished products and off-spec products
  • Buffer storage for pilot plants
  • Storage of blending liquids
Rapid Response to Unexpected Situations
  • Restart of units producing off-spec product
  • Overload of wastewater treatment plants
  • Leaks in pipelines & permanent tanks
  • Spill & firefighting water storage
  • Storage of hot water from boilers that is too warm to go directly into treatment plants
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