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Resolve planned and unplanned outages

Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, air matter the emergency or complexity, we have you covered. Our team provides the knowledge and equipment to create the safe, ideal environment you need at critical speed. Planned or unplanned, we're there for you.

Success Story

Critical heat and A/C during Hurricane Michael

On a Thursday in October, Hurricane Michael crashed down on Panama City, Florida. At 2 pm, Ellipse Global made a call to United Rental's Power and HVAC division to get heat and cool air to their food and medical tents. The only problem: the closest Climate Solutions Branch was in New Orleans - 3 hours away.

Time to go to work.

By 10 pm that night, United Rentals had 48 units delivered and set up. Thanks to our personnel, network and critical speed, victims and first responders got the medical attention and warm meals they needed when it mattered most.