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Faster, cost effective liquid treatment solutions

Baker tanks can be placed into the heart of your environmental remediation project, expertly aligned for cost effective treatment processes. Their larger capacities can help achieve more efficient maintenance, testing and batching of waste streams.

Our Environmental Remediation solutions help you reduce compliance costs while saving time with flexible temporary storage equipment. 

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Case Study - Wastewater Treatment

A polluted basin at a petrochemical plant needed to be cleaned whilst avoiding expensive charges for external waste disposal. Our environmentally compliant Baker solution minimised costs and saved valuable time as the on-site wastewater treatment plant was utilised. Carbon filters treated high levels of pollutant within the wastewater and pollution levels were tested prior to feeding the liquid through their system, resulting in further reduced treatment time.

Environmental Remediation - slider image
Case Study - Energy Plant Repair

A waste-to-energy company needed to repair its slack lime unit which is critical for meeting the environmental regulations limiting the acidity of smoke fumes. The Baker solution, involving a temporary bulk storage system including Baker Mix Tanks, meant the slack lime was in continuous suspension. This allowed the customer to be less reliant upon delivery schedules from their slack lime supplier and the continuity in operations for the waste-to-energy plant, whilst maintaining environmental compliance as they repaired their slack lime unit.

Faster, less expensive liquid treatment solutions


Soil, groundwater & sewage treatment
  • Effluent storage to allow sampling and testing
  • Effluent buffers before treatment
  • Sewer cleaning at industrial sites and airports
Solid waste treatment
  • Storage of leachate water (e.g. from landfills)
  • Storage of slack lime
  • Storage of contaminated water
  • Temporary storage of wastewater
  • Storage of wastewater from wet flue gas cleaning
  • Buffer storage of demineralised water during maintenance
Wastewater treatment
  • Overflow storage for wastewater treatment systems
  • Rinse water from paint booths
  • Cleaning of wastewater treatment plant
  • Storage of wastewater (with or without solvents)
  • Storage of wastewater after a fire
  • Cleaning of digester tanks
  • Buffer storage of chemicals for WWTPs
  • Buffer storage of chemical oxygen demand (COD) or biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) streams
  • Flocculation - aluminum chloride, hydrocarbons, chloride
  • Hazardous waste treatment - storage of waste for later processing, including flexible tank storage capacity for incoming streams and controlled feeds to WWTP
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