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Onshore Drilling Compound: Rainwater Treatment

Our customer needed to harvest, treat and store rainwater from an onshore drilling site to ensure an efficient and environmentally sound process. In addition, they were being constantly monitored on the environmental impact of the project so they needed to minimise both water use and transport movements. The drilling compound, roughly 40,000m², was bordered by a 2 metre deep ditch on 3 sides. The challenge was to control the water level, remove any hydrocarbon and solid contaminants and to efficiently store the water for use in the drilling process. This all needed to be done within the limited confines of the compound. 

United Rentals designed and supplied an integrated Treatment Solution to contain, transfer and treat the rainwater. Using our 6” ATEX Zone 1 Electric Pumps, complete with level controls, we were able to manage the water levels and treat the water through our Bag Filter systems fitted with 50 micron Filter Bags and speciality Oil Absorption Bags. The clean rainwater was then transferred into 6 x 70 m³ epoxy-lined tanks  for containment, before being used in the customer’s drilling process as required. 

Thanks to the United Rentals solution the customer was able to reduce their costs significantly. During periods of exceptionally high rainfall, United Rentals responded by providing further equipment to manage the increased water levels. Transport movements were reduced considerably and the use of the rainwater, which was treated to above the required standards and enabled the customer to meet its environmental targets.

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