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The Environmental Remediation Challenge: A polluted basin at a petrochemical plant needed to be cleaned and avoid expensive charges for external waste disposal. Using the on-site wastewater treatment plant required a controlled feed process that needed to pre-test the waste stream to determine if pollutant levels could be handled by their WWTP.

The Baker Solution: Two Baker tanks were installed after the first level of treatment, so pollution levels could be tested prior to feeding the liquid into the on-site wastewater treatment plant. If levels were acceptable, the liquid would be moved directly to the WWTP, reducing overall treatment time.

If the wastewater had high pollutant levels it was then treated by carbon filters which optimised filter use and minimised expenses. The fully compliant system lowered costs and saved valuable time by utilising the on-site WWTP when possible and speeding up the treatment process by only using the carbon filters as needed.


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