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With our portfolio of Treatment products we’re able to provide solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Using multiple configurations, the “Open Top” Tank can be used in challenges which require straining, settlement, flotation, filtration and aeration.

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Case Study - Slugcatcher Cleaning

A Gas Terminal was looking to clean their slugcatcher after several years without an extensive insight in the type and amount of pollution. Their request was to treat the expected waste water and recycle the effluent so they would not need to dispose it off site. 



The Filtration “Open Top” Tank has a number of unique features: 

This filtration tank combines a platform with an open top allowing for a clear view of the liquid stream. An additional benefit is the ability to add permeable or non-permeable weirs. Combined with an array of available connections and ancillaries, this allows for numerous configurations for various types of continuous treatment solutions

Settlement of Solids in waste streams

Settlement of solids in waste streams

The Filtration “Open Top” Tank can be used as a bypass for a pre-settlement basin at a waste water treatment plant. For this application the tank is equipped with a non-permeable weir in overrun position. As the waste stream enters the tank through a flow breaker the flow divides evenly, reducing in both speed and turbulence, so most of the solids settle in front of the weir. These settled solids can easily be removed using the drain valves at the bottom of the tank.

Separation of floating pollutants

Separation of floating pollutants

Another potential application is the separation of floating pollutants from a waste stream. When equipment is cleaned in a refinery or petrochemical plant, the waste stream often contains a mixture of water and oil. In this configuration, the tank is equipped with a non-permeable weir in underrun position. Again, the waste stream enters the tank through a flow breaker. Most of the oil will start floating to the top and won’t get past the weir. The floating oil can be easily removed with an oil skimmer connected to the middle draw port.

Removal of suspended solids

Removal of suspended solids

This example shows the pre-filtration of the waste stream from a cleaning project before it is sent for further treatment in a Waste Water Treatment Plant. In this example, the tank is equipped with a permeable weir functioning as basic straining or filtration of the suspended solids. Depending on the composition of the waste, different types of permeable weirs can be selected.

Removal of suspended solids

Supply of oxygen

In the case of an oxic zone within a biological waste water treatment plant requiring maintenance, the Filtration “Open Top” Tank can be equipped with plate diffusers. In this application the supply of fine bubble aeration efficiently transfers oxygen to the biomass. This configuration can also be used for scouring, flotation and oxidation requirements.


The Filtration “Open Top” Tank can optimise your on-site waste streams and reduce external disposal costs.


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