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Custom Shipping Container Modifications for

Storage Containers & Mobile Offices

Green Sporting events building built from containers

Modified Shipping Containers

When your storage container needs a little something extra, our custom container modifications may be just what you need. Many of our storage and office locations have modification (or ‘mod’) capabilities that can take a normal shipping container and turn it into something special like a custom office building, retail kiosk, order pick-up location, ticket window, electrical and generator units or municipal training facilities. Many of our locations can also modify containers with custom options, from something small, like adding a vent, to larger modifications like adding an office or a fully finished restroom.

From the simplest to the most complex needs, United Rentals’ team of experienced representatives can work with you to provide the best custom container solution for your next project.

Storage Containers & Mobile Offices

What United Rentals Offers

United Rentals is your single-source provider for shipping container modifications

Common Container Modifications

We can modify your container when you need just a small customization. All of our storage and office locations offer the following common shipping container accessories:

  • Paint – RAL color palette, DTM latex
  • Vents – Passive or powered
  • Flooring – Epoxy, Paint, bed liner, vinyl plank
  • Walls – Panel system or stick built / steel framing, batt insulation, foam board, vinyl covered luan/gypsum
  • Electrical – Romex or surface mount
  • Lighting – Interior/Exterior LED

Full Container Modifications

Need a more custom approach to meet your project needs? In addition to our common customization options, containers can be modified in a variety of other ways, such as:

  • Window cut-outs
  • Door cut-outs
  • Roll doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Restrooms
  • Service Doors
  • Awnings – Flip up / Permanent
  • Exterior countertops
  • Concession stand roll-up windows
  • HVAC – ducted
  • Steel-plated floors
  • Custom paint – Epoxy / Marine grade
  • Custom wraps/decals
  • Container linking – container complexes

Container Add-Ons

When you need an easier, more organized and secure container, we have options to add to your container. All Storage and Office locations can add the following shipping container parts and accessories:

  • PV3 safe, secure, simple locking system
  • Container locks
  • Lock guards
  • Shelving – Solid shelf or pipe racking
  • Hooks
  • Solar lights
  • Ramps
  • String lights

Tailored solutions for unique problems

Explore some of the teams' recent container modification success stories

Shipping Container Modification
Gray modified shipping container

Charlotte Shipping Container Modification


Recently, the team worked with a customer offering commercial and industrial petroleum services. This customer needed to store their tanks and gas pumps to be easily accessible yet protected from the weather and direct sunlight.


The crew provided the customer with four 40-foot-high cube-modified shipping containers, customized to meet all the client’s needs. To accomplish the customer’s request, the team cut out one entire side of each container. Using the portions of the container walls that had been removed, we then created custom 3-foot awnings that were screwed into place. Our team installed steel posts for roof support at 13 feet 3 inches. We welded angle iron onto the sides for safety purposes, eliminating the jagged edges left after the sides had been removed. Per the customer’s request, the crew painted the container’s interior black and the exterior light gray to reflect heat. United Rentals' modification abilities are not limited to the aforementioned products and options. We are happy to work with you one-on-one to discuss the right container modifications for you.

1020 Container Home
Custom container home

1020 Container Home Customized Shipping Container


The storage container and mobile office team recently sold two used shipping containers to the Lafayette Habitat for Humanity which partnered with the University of Louisiana’s Lafayette School of Architecture and Design students to build the first custom shipping container home in the nearby McComb-Veazey neighborhood. The students needed to build an affordable and sustainable home. By repurposing the used containers, they helped create a more environmentally friendly mobile container home.


The shipping containers are made of 14-gauge, or 1/16-inch thick, corrugated steel. In the Louisiana climate, this could translate into a lot of heat, so students applied 2-inch thermal insulation. The team also ensured sections of the home sit 16 inches above the ground to improve airflow. The team maximized shade and airflow by running a sloped roof the distance of the home, adding glass doors and windows to allow light and air, and making high, 13-foot ceilings for more space. These were just some of the options to customize this container mod. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or modify a shipping container, the team at your local United Rentals branch can help.

Trade Show Booth
Custom modified container trade show booth

Custom Shipping Container Trade Show Booth


An electrical contractor needed a way to cut down on the costs of creating a memorable brand experience at a trade show in Menasha, Wisconsin. Exhibiting at a trade show has its challenges: Complex logistical operations, time-sensitive deadlines and costly material handling are all barriers to creating a memorable trade show booth. Trade shows and conferences usually charge for booth space, on-site storage and furnishing. Rates are normally charged by the square foot and per hour, which can add to your overall costs. This is where storage containers come in; everything you need can be packed into the container and securely stored during the show. Modified container trade show booths are permanent yet fully transportable.


The team collaborated with the customer to create a custom shipping container booth that provides ample visibility at every show, whether indoors at a convention center or outdoors. The team divided the container into four sections that opened completely, allowing customers to enter the space. The 18-foot by 4-foot actuator-driven section was controlled by an internal push-button switch and lifted to a 90-degree angle, acting as an awning. The lower sections of the container wall lock into place with spring-loaded hinges and, when opened, function as a platform and two identical ramps. This unit’s cargo doors were still completely functional. The container floor was covered with false wood, and vinyl-covered gypsum was installed on three of the unit’s internal walls. The top of the container functioned as an observation deck and lounge area. The floor consists of epoxy-coated diamond plate, and a collapsible safety rail was installed with an opening for the stairwell. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or modify a shipping container, your local United Rentals branch can help.

Mechanical Rail System
Container with mechanical rail system

Shipping Container Modified With Mechanical Rail System


The customer required a 40-foot container with an internal railing system and a hoist that could move and place 55-gallon hazardous waste drums anywhere within the container.


The crew installed a mechanical internal rail system instead of an electrical one because of the fire safety precautions needed with hazardous waste materials. Our team added four 24-inch by 24-inch louver vents to the container to allow for more airflow. The vents will also help cool the container and combat excessive moisture. We also designed, built and installed an iron rail system with a manual trolley. Then the team installed two ceiling-mounted iron beams to act as a monorail system while requiring no use of floor space. A bridge base holds the single glider and hoist mount. Both the bridge base and glider are moveable via a manual (pull) locking system. The crew installed a 20-foot lift manual hooked-mounted chain hoist with a die-cast aluminum body for portability and durability with a 1,000-pound capacity. In addition to heat-treated alloy steel hooks, it features main pinion shafts, load gears, lubricated ball bearings, precision-machined gears and safety latch hooks, which help to lift freely suspended material loads safely. We attached a drum lifter to the end of the 20-foot chain to lift the 55-gallon barrels. This shipping container lifter can lift and place 55-gallon hazardous waste drums anywhere within the container, making it much safer, easier and faster to load and unload materials. From start to finish, this shipping container modification took about two weeks. United Rentals is happy to work with you one-on-one to discuss the right container modifications for you.

Portable storage containers, ground-level offices, office trailers and modular buildings

Storage Containers
Gray Storage Container

Storage Containers

14-gauge steel storage containers offer extra storage space. Also known as conex boxes, shipping containers, sea boxes and industrial containers.

Ground-Level Offices
Gray Ground Level Office

Ground-Level Offices

Fully customizable office or storage space built from a converted storage container. Outfit your GLO with lighting, outlets, restrooms and more.

Office Trailers
Portable offices

Office Trailers

Mobile office trailers and ground level office containers perfect for portable construction site offices, security booths, parking kiosks, first aid trailers, crew quarters and more.

Modular Buildings
Modular buildings

Modular Buildings

Durable and attractive modular container buildings that can be built and open in half the time of traditional construction, providing cost-effective option for commercial offices, medical buildings, kiosks, classrooms, child care facilities, government offices and more.

Industries & Applications

Integrated Storage Container & Mobile Office Solutions

Explore our expertise and offerings by industries and applications.

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