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High performance energy storage sets


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Battery Pack

The United Rentals high performance energy storage system is suitable for a wide range of
applications; providing solutions for sustainable and efficient energy storage.

Equipped with an integral 45 kVA / 60 kWh Battery Pack, the device operates independently
or with a generator to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and noise.

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Hybrid Energy System with Battery Packs

The Hybrid Energy System with Battery Packs provided by United Rentals efficiently addresses the challenge of powering larger site compounds with a peak load of 125A, minimizing environmental disturbance and noise levels during the night.

By combining a Battery Pack, Generator, and Distribution Panel, the solution meets all customer specifications, significantly reduces CO2 and NOx emissions, and leads to substantial fuel cost savings.

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Peak Shaving with Battery Packs

The Peak Shaving solution with Battery Packs offered by United Rentals allows the customer to use additional power to start three 4" electric pumps, overcoming the limitations of their mains power supply and ensuring compliance with local regulations regarding noise levels and emissions.

This sustainable solution not only enables immediate operations but also provides the capability to monitor and report data for better management.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply with Battery Packs

The Uninterruptible Power Supply with Battery Packs provided by United Rentals ensures a constant power supply for the main stage during events, even in the absence of an electricity grid.

This solution not only eliminates the need for multiple generators but also contributes to the event organizer's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by minimizing the generator's running time and offering power from the Battery Pack during the build-up phase.

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High performance rental energy storage sets

United Rentals goes beyond equipment rental. We specialise in Fluid & Power solutions for demanding projects. From a single-product storage project to setting up an integrated multi-product solution, our dedicated team provides the extensive industry and application experience needed to get your job done right, first time.

Find the right temporary power solutions. Be prepared for everything — even the unplanned — with United Rentals’ comprehensive fleet of power equipment.

Power shortages or breaks in supply are bad for business. Planning for them helps minimise downtime and financial risk. We will help you be prepared with comprehensive power control solutions. Being ready is critical to ensure both productivity and safety. 

Whether you’re in the middle of an emergency or need help preparing for a project, our dedicated solutions team is available 24/7. They can provide support for project planning, equipment decisions, delivery, installation, on-site monitoring, removal and more.

Equipped with an integral 45 kVA / 60 kWh Battery Pack, the Battery Pack operates independently or with a generator to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and noise. Zero emission power can be generated with the high density Lithium-Ion Phosphate
batteries when used with renewable energy sources.


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NEW: Tank Unlined - 35 m³

United Rentals is introducing a new Tank that supports multiple less demanding containment, transfer and treatment applications.
Read more here.



High performance generator sets for a wide range of applications

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