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Storage, transfer or filtration of aggressive and corrosive chemical liquids has always been a challenge. BakerCorp is there with an effective integrated solution. With our extensive product line of polyethylene and polypropylene equipment, we can support almost any application involving acids, caustics and other demanding chemicals.

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Case Study - Storage & Reuse of Chemicals


A petrochemical site faced increased clogging events within a dosing unit and required treatment of water released from a vapour treatment process. These events were caused by a high concentration of suspended solids coming from an existing storage tank. The customer requested a temporary by-pass of the old tank so they could clean, inspect and repair it.

The Poly Line is a unique line of products:

  • BakerCorp has an extensive product line to engineer an integrated solution involving polyethylene and polypropylene equipment
  • High resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • All designed according the highest industrial safety standards  
  • Safe to use in environmentally sensitive applications


Integrated solutions for demanding chemicals:

With our extensive  line of polyethylene and polypropylene equipment, we can support almost any application involving acids, caustics and other demanding chemical liquids

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The core of our solutions bundle is the BakerCorp Double- Walled Poly Tank. With a capacity of 30 m³, this HDPE tank is designed with maximum protection of the environment as the top priority. When chemicals need to be stored at conditions higher than ambient temperature, a mobile heater can be installed on the Poly Tank. Additionally, when chemicals need to be mixed or held in suspension, one or two mobile mixers can be installed on the Poly Tank.

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To transfer these liquids in and out of the Poly Tank, BakerCorp has the ideal pump. Our 2” Polypropylene Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps have a robust design and are zone 1 ATEX approved.

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When the chemicals contain pollutants, Baker can supply a Polyethylene Bag Filter to polish the liquid prior to storage. The Dual Bag Filter System 80 can also be used as a strainer to protect pumps against potential clogging events. The BakerCorp bag filters are easy to install and operate and are designed with the safety of the operator in mind. 

Polyline Article - Gas Scrubber
To further improve both safety and environmental impact during the storage of liquids, our Gas Scrubber has been designed to integrate seamlessly with our BakerCorp Poly Tank to limit vapour emissions during tank filling and liquid storage. 
The gas scrubber can be mounted on top of the tank to minimise  its footprint or positioned next to the tank for optimal handling.


All products in our poly line have a high resistance to a wide range of chemicals, have been developed according to the same stringent industrial standards, and are versatile in use while still allowing for easy integration with other BakerCorp product lines.

Want to learn more about the Poly Line and how we can contain, transfer and treat many liquids across the PH scale? Call for an appointment with one of our experts +44 (0)330 333 2611