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BakerCorp provides treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial challenges. Whether the project require settlement of solids, separation of floating pollutants, filtration of suspended solids or emulsified liquids, we have the people, equipment and know how to get the job done. The Dewatering Box further completes our treatment solution offerings in challenges were sludges with coarse, mineral or organic require dewatering to reduce volume, weight and thus minimizing disposal costs and environmental impact.

case study - road cleaning
Case study - Road cleaning


At a plant, by the nature of the business, roads are constantly polluted with dust, sand and metal particles. To maintain good housekeeping and limit environmental impact, sweeper trucks were continuously cleaning the roads and dumping the sludge in onsite pits for dewatering.The customer was seeking an alternative solution to dewater the road pollution because dumping into the onsite deep pits caused unsafe situations.

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The Dewatering Box has a number of unique features

  • Design according Afnor & BK1 requirements
  • Multiple drain ports
  • Removable screens for easy cleaning
  • Multiple screen sleeves available (390, 200 and 100 micron)
  • Covered to reduce smell and impact of rain fall
  • Lowered height for direct dump by vac trucks / road sweepers

Filtration solutions for wide range of industrial needs

We provide filtration solutions for wide range of industrial needs. Whether the project requirements involve settlement of solids, separation of floating pollutants, or filtration of suspended solids, we have the people, equipment and know how to get the job done. The Dewatering Box further completes our filtration solutions offerings and can treat solid waste such as coarse, mineral and organic sludge.

Versatile usage

Our Dewatering Box is specifically designed to treat coarse and firm sludge which is relatively easy to dewater. Depending on the type and particle size of the sludge, the Dewatering Box has multiple modes of operation: 

  • The box can be operated as a standalone solution, using the fixed screen which can handle solids down to 390 micron. 
  • The box can also be equipped with special sleeves to handle smaller solids down to 200 and 100 micron. These inlays make it even easier to clean.  
  • For odorous and/or dangerous sludge, the box can be equipped with a permeable membrane tube. The permeable membrane tube also simplifies the emptying and cleaning of the box.


Rigorous industrial standards

Similar to our other products, the Dewatering Box has been developed with the same rigorous industrial standards and designed with quality and safety as top priorities.

Dewatering Box - Quality and safetyQuality

The box is standard equipped with robust, removable and perforated screens on the sides. These special screens can handle solids down to 390 micron.


A 2-stage de-locking system reduces risk when the operator opens the door. The tipping door lowers the risks of leakage during the dewatering process.

Plug & Play

Multiple “Plug & Play” features allow for quick delivery and pick up as well as fast easy filling and emptying.

Dewatering Box - Installation

The box comes standard with a tarp to keep the solids dry in case of rain, so avoiding further complication of the dewatering. Three beams supporting the tarp can be demounted for filling with an excavator.


Dewatering Box - Transport

The size of the box 1,772 mm x 2,547 mm x 6,500 mm (H x W x L) makes it easy to handle. The hook position can be tailored to different types of vehicles. The system is designed for trucks with a hydraulic locking system. 


Dewatering Box - Emptying & cleaning
Emptying & Cleaning

The combination of a lock on the tipping door, removable screens, corner drains and a smooth floor makes it easy to clean and empty the Dewatering Box. 


Dewatering Box - Filling

The box has multiple options for easy filling: 
1) Thanks to the lowered side, vacuum trucks can discharge directly into the box  
2) One flanged filling point (back) to connect directly to a sludge pump
3) Two fixing points to secure hoses   

The Dewatering Box can optimise your on-site waste streams and reduce external disposal costs!

Want to learn more about the Dewatering Box and how it can optimise the dewatering of your waste stream? Call for an appointment with one of our experts +44 (0)330 333 2611