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Bag Filter Systems

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BakerCorp Bag Filter Systems are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and can be utilised in multiple configurations. These treatment products are often integrated within projects which require:

  • Straining of coarse particles which could damage sensitive equipment such as pumps and sensors
  • Removal of suspended particles from (semi-) finished liquids
  • Filtration of suspended solids as the final step prior to discharge or polishing steps using activated carbon
  • Polishing of (treated) effluent by our Oil Absorption Bags to remove any remaining hydrocarbons


Case Study - Oil & Gas - Rainwater treatment - Slider Image
Case Study - Rainwater Treatment

Our Customer needed to harvest, treat and store rainwater from an onshore drilling site to enable an efficient and environmentally sound process. In addition they were being constantly monitored on the environmental impact of the project so they needed to minimise both water use and transport movements.

Removal of coarse or fine pollution from fluid streams

Our Bag Filter Systems can be used in multiple configurations for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you need to remove coarse particles which could damage your equipment, or the removal of challenging pollutants from a liquid stream in addition to earlier separation steps, the BakerCorp Bag Filter Systems offer the perfect solution.


The Bag Filter Systems have a number of unique features:

  • Enhanced safety – Filter skids have a sturdy and ergonomic design and the pressure released during bag change-outs is safely redirected to the base
  • Plug & Play - The units are easy to transport, install and operate. Also, multiple bag filters can be combined  to deliver multi-stage filtration. The Dual Bag Filters are designed for a parallel or duty-standby configuration
  • Broad range of chemical compatibility - Both models are available in stainless steel. The Dual Bag Filter is also available in HDPE suitable for a wide range of aggressive and corrosive chemical liquids.

BakerCorp also provides many types of filter bags. This isn’t limited to different micron ratings, but also covers different materials to meet compatibility requirements, along with specials such as Oil Absorption and Water Absorption bags. Based on project specifications, we will support you in selecting the most suitable bag type, material and micron rating.



Bag Filters are versatile products and are widely accepted within almost all industries. In recent years the design and quality of bags have been hugely improved, making it possible for our Bag Filters to remove a wide spectrum of suspended solids and other pollutants from various liquids. The duty-standby configuration on our Dual Bag Filters enables them to maintain a continuous filtration/polishing process during bag changes. If a batch operated process is required, both housings can be used to increase the flow capacity up to 80m³/h.

Bag Filter - FOA

Straining and Polishing

The Stainless Steel Bag Filter is ideal for use in combination with our Filtration “Open Top” Tank. It can be installed in front of the tank for straining purposes and protection of the pump or behind the tank for polishing the liquid stream.


Bag Filter - Poly Tank

Removal of particles from chemicals

The HDPE Bag Filter can be used to remove small particles from chemical streams before storage in a BakerCorp Poly Tank. This is a popular configuration as it ensures the quality of the stored products and thereby reduces the time required for cleaning the tanks.


 Bag Filter - BF320

Filtration of particles from liquid streams at higher flows

The 8-Bag Filter can handle higher flows and is often used during pipeline cleaning. As it has the capacity to install 8 bags, it can handle flows up to 320m³/h, thereby protecting injection/cleaning nozzles from clogging during high flow applications.



As these applications clearly demonstrate, Bag Filters can optimise your on-site liquid streams by reducing the risk of non-compliance with environmental discharge regulations, protecting downstream equipment in the filtration process and  improving process and treatment efficiency. While these applications are only examples, BakerCorp has the expertise to custom-design integrated fluid management solutions for many of your challenges.

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