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Basic Rigging & Inspection Online

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This course is designed to provide participants with a basic level of knowledge of rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures, and load control using typical rigging techniques through problem-solving workshops.

Training Topics

  • Become familiarized with the terms regularly used in rigging applications and inspections
  • Understand the principles behind basic rigging theory
  • Identify different pieces of rigging hardware
  • Recognize and evaluate field damaged rigging gear samples
  • Understand and apply the guideline provided by established recognized industry standards
  • Select appropriate slings and rigging hardware based on anticipated loading and rigging method
  • Complete rigging capacity workshops to reveal working load limit of selected rigging configurations
  • Recognize common load handling hazards. 
  • Identify and apply blocking practices, crane hand signals, and path of travel
  • Understand the completion process of a basic lift plan

Course Features and Administration

Completion of this course results in 1.2 CEUs

Education Type

  • Awareness

Learning Setting

  • Online

Instruction Language

  • English
Price per seat
145.00 USD
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  • Awareness
  • Online
  • English
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