Partnering with an Equipment Provider for a Refinery Turnaround

A true partnership with a best-in-class provider can save you both time and money.

A refinery turnaround is a complex, high stakes, all-hands-on-deck event that the best turnaround managers have down to a science. But no person, or turnaround manager, is an island. Partnering with a trusted equipment provider can ensure that the right temporary equipment is there when and where it’s needed and the right solutions are put in place to help the turnaround go off without a hitch and with zero downtime.

Project planning as a team

Whether your refinery turnaround involves an individual unit or the entire plant, bringing your equipment provider into the planning process well in advance can promote an effective partnership. Additionally, it can help the provider to help you successfully execute the event.

Planning for full refinery turnaround usually begins 12 to 18 months out. It’s smart to bring in the provider at the 12 month mark, if not sooner. At that stage of the game, they can conduct a pre-scope site visit to begin to understand the equipment and solutions that will be needed, taking into account load and fluid storage requirements. They can also get up to speed on, and learn from, your previous turnarounds.

Six to nine months before the refinery turnaround, the provider will create a plan for temporary power and other equipment, map out its placement and begin to configure application setups. They’ll complete cable drawings and consider space needed for truck refueling and additional craft workers.

Three to six months in advance, the provider will study your single line diagram and layout drawings to ensure the right equipment is delivered at the right time. Moving the machines into the right place is a dance that must be choreographed for maximum safety and efficiency, and that choreography will happen now. Once you perform an arc flash analysis, the provider will make sure decals on temporary equipment subject to arc flash hazards are up-to-date.

Closer to the turnaround, the provider will stay in constant contact to coordinate equipment delivery details and to troubleshoot anticipated issues. The provider will want to test a temporary fluids handling system and perhaps other application setups prior to use.

Eyes on the operation

During the event, the provider should be on hand to monitor the operation of pumps, generators and other temporary equipment and step in with solutions if something unexpected happens.

If the turnaround requires the installation of a fluids handling system, the provider should be able to offer pump watch while the system is in use and a crew to manage the system and ensure that everything operates as planned.

An opportunity for cost savings

To help you save money on rental equipment for your turnaround, United Rentals provides cost savings tools and technology, including telematics-enabled equipment and online equipment tracking and reporting through the cloud-based worksite management solution Total Control®. Through Total Control, a plant can track and manage the location and utilization of rented equipment. Leveraging this information can often have an enormous impact on overall turnaround costs.

Choosing an equipment provider

Look for an equipment provider with a proven track record of helping refineries with successful turnarounds and a team trained to perform work in an industrial plant and operate safely in that environment.

The provider should understand the needs of the plant and how to spec, place and move equipment, operate safely in confined spaces, properly design, plan and install a fluid solutions system, if one is needed, and solve issues that arise.

By partnering with a knowledgeable equipment provider and bringing them into the planning process early on, you’ll have an ally capable of helping you complete your turnaround on schedule, on or under budget, and with zero lost time injuries.

Successful turnarounds require knowledge and experience and you should always consult with an expert regarding the specific circumstances, applicable rules and regulations related to your site and to your situation. To get support from United Rentals on your next turnaround, call us at 833.426.1188.

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