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Storage Containers and Mobile Offices

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Shipping Container Accessories

While our wide inventory of storage containers offers something for everyone, sometimes extra shipping container parts and accessories are needed to suit your specific needs. Conex accessories can turn your basic run-of-the-mill container into something tailored to your project or brand’s requirements. We offer shipping container parts that provide increased security, enhanced lighting, extra storage capabilities and more. Our shipping container attachments can be added to containers you purchase or rent. All accessories are configured to your container pre-delivery to minimize downtime, so the unit is ready for use as soon as it arrives at your location.  Need to customize your ground-level office (GLO), mobile office trailer or modular building? We can provide furniture for you so that your office is move-in ready as soon as it arrives on site.  Whether you simply need some tables and chairs, or whether you need appliances for a breakroom (think: microwave, refrigerator, coffee pot, etc.), United Rentals has your needs covered.

Regardless of what shipping container add-ons you may need, United Rentals’ team of experienced representatives can work with you to provide the best shipping container accessory solution for your next project.

Storage Containers & Mobile Offices

What United Rentals Offers

United Rentals is your single-source provider for storage container accessories


We can upfit your container to increase security and decrease the chance of break-ins. Give yourself peace of mind when storing equipment for long periods with our security accessories.

  • Security container — Our PV3 Safety Container offers interior locking rods and a difficult to access solid brass lock with a hardened steel pin. In addition, a pad lock can be added for extra security.
  • Locks and lock guards — Lock guards protect locks from corrosion and wear, and padlocks offer an added layer of protection. These can be added to our standard containers as well as our PV3 safety containers.

Organization and Access

When you need a more organized container, we have additional storage options to add to your container.

  • Shelving — Solid shelf or pipe racking
  • Hooks — For clearing floor space by hanging tools and equipment
  • Container Ramps — For easy forklift access into your storage container

Power and Lighting

When you need supplementary power sources or lighting for your storage space, we offer several different solutions to suit your needs.

  • Solar lighting — Our solar-lit containers have a solar panel on top of the container which charges during the day, providing you lighting throughout the night
  • External motion-activated security lighting- To ward off thieves or provide security lighting when accessing your container in the evening, our security lighting helps keep both you and your stored items safe.
  • String lights — Easy to set up and store
  • HVAC

Timely solutions, quality results

Explore some of the team’s recent container accessory success stories

Equipment Shelter
Storage Containers used as Equipment Shelters

Energy Company Equipment Shelter

An energy company needed five custom 40-foot containers to store electrical supplies throughout Wisconsin as they upgraded the electrical grid and substations. Starting with standard 40-foot containers, each unit was modified with shelving, worktables, power, lighting and roll doors for easy access to tools, equipment and supplies.

Container Guard Shack
Container Guard Shack

Wisconsin Utility Company Container Guard Shack

A Wisconsin utility company needed a guard shack for an electricity generation location. Made from a 10-foot container, this unit was fitted with vertical and horizontal sliding windows, a steel door with a window and locks, an HVAC unit, electricity and lighting. The container is easy to transport with forklift pockets located along the bottom of the container. This unit only took three weeks to produce, presenting unique savings on time and budget.

Facility With HVAC, Lights and Windows
exterior of modular building with white top in front of trees

Tennis Team Facility With HVAC, Lights and Windows

This 8-by-40-foot ISO standard container was installed adjacent to multiple tennis courts at an Indianapolis private high school. It is being used as a tennis training facility. The shipping container event space is climate controlled and utilizes the original container doors to lead into an equipment storage area. An exterior door gives access to a space for players to review instructional training videos. The interior is bright due to the 48-inch energy-efficient LED lights and high-efficiency windows for observation and natural lighting. The walls are covered with vinyl-covered Luan, and the flooring is finished with vinyl tile. The container was painted to match the branding of the school. The shipping container stands also include an exterior stairwell leading up to an observation deck with a wrap-around fence enclosure that can accommodate up to 42 spectators for a full view of tennis matches.

Guard Shack
SCMO Guard Shack

Power Plant Guard Shack

This 9’6" by 21' custom steel guard house is in the mountains of North Carolina at a brand new 560-megawatt natural gas power plant. A general contractor needed a pre-manufactured guard shack at the main entrance for personnel. Built with safety and energy efficiency in mind, the building consists of 4-inch-thick steel walls, a poly-iso foam core roof with mineral wool insulation, a 20-gauge insulated steel door, a climate control system, a sprinkler system and an ADA-compliant bathroom with fixtures. The windows are 3-foot by 3-foot with quarter-inch tempered safety wired glass and are an integral part of the wall panel. The doors are one-hour fire rated, and the windows are 45-minute fire rated. The flooring is an attractive white marbled vinyl composite tile with 4-inch black vinyl cove molding. Further, we matched the new guard shack's paint to the surrounding buildings our customer was constructing onsite.

After construction, the building was approved by the NCECC (North Carolina Energy Conservation Code). With the guard house built offsite, the risk of personnel injury was reduced, which saved our customer costs related to insurance, workers' compensation and lost worker hours.

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