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Complete Vapor Filtration Solutions

With a complete line of vapor filtration equipment and the industry experience United Rentals Fluid Solutions is known for, our filtration experts are ready to customize a solution for your next job.


Chemical Scrubbers for Rent

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Fully equip your jobsite for any fluids challenge.

Choosing the right equipment up front can save money and time later. From planning and installation to complete jobsite support, we’ll help you find the best and most cost-effective solution.


Complete Vapor and Chemical Filtration Systems

Multiple solutions available for a broad range of vapor scrubbing applications

United Rentals vapor filtration solutions are designed for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Our Pure Air 6000 is specifically designed for high-flow vapor filtration applications and is capable of handling air flows up to 6000 CFM. Pure Air’s proprietary liquid distribution system enables low-pressure drop while maintaining high efficiencies, complementing Air Movers or GapVacs producing large airflows and pressure displacement. Built for heavy-duty industrial application, the Pure Air 6000 has a larger liquid capacity – up to 2,750 gallons – allowing for longer run times.

Our Pure Aire 500 Vapor Filtration Scrubber is purpose-built to remove hydrocarbons from vacuum truck pump exhaust. The system removes over 98.5% of hydrocarbon vapors stemming from vacuum truck operations. Backtrucks, Air Movers and GapVacs producing large airflow and pressure displacement are common applications for this system.

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