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Equipment Service & Maintenance

Routine service and preventative maintenance is crucial for keeping equipment running at peak performance. We can help you avoid downtime and save valuable resources.

You have a considerable investment in your equipment. We can help protect and extend the life of your fleet with professional inspections, services and repairs from our own factory-trained technicians.

Keep your equipment and project operating at peak performance by putting our professional technicians to work on your equipment. Your shop or ours, we're available for scheduled maintenance, prompt service and breakdown repairs. We'll take care of your fleet like it's our own and ensure ANSI/SIA standards with frequent and annual inspections.

Whether you bought your equipment from us or not, we're here to keep it maintained. Our factory-trained technicians are equipped to handle repairs from basic to the complex and perform all work to the highest manufacturer standards. Let us manage your asset so you can focus on what really matters: getting your job done. 

Trained Experts and Technicians

Our team of over 4,000 service professionals are factory-trained and qualified to keep your equipment in safe operating condition. Frequent and Annual inspections are documented utilizing appropriate point-by-point Inspection Reports every time your equipment is inspected. Our program conforms to ANSI/SIA STD A92.6, Section 6.3, which outlines the responsibilities of equipment owners. 

Owned Equipment Repairs

We know that equipment in need of repair is costing you. We're here to help fill in the gaps: Emergency breakdown? Give us a call and we'll come to you for the repair. Looking for a specific part? We'll help you find it. From written estimates to warranty repairs and replacement equipment, United Rentals has what you need to get your equipment back up and running.

ANSI - OSHA - CSA Requirements

The safety of your crew is a top priority so we're here to help ensure your equipment complies with safety regulations and manufacturer specifications. Inspection and preventative maintenance services typically include:

  • Onsite or in-shop service
  • Complete check of controls
  • Examination of emergency or backup capabilities
  • Inspection of chains and cables for wear and improper adjustment
  • Inspection of hydraulic hoses for wear and leaks
  • Lubrication of specified moving parts
  • Replacement of filler elements at manufacturer-required intervals
  • Check of hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant
  • Structural check of fasteners, pins, shafts and locking devices
  • Check of instruction place cards, warnings and control markings
  • Routine adjustments
  • Generator load bank testing
  • Check of factory recalls and service bulletins
  • Report of all malfunction and cost estimate for repairs
  • Service record retention for a minimum of 3 years

Technology to support

United Rentals has the digital capabilities to help keep in line with your schedule and budget. Our automated proactive inspection and PM scheduling at predetermined intervals will help assure your equipment is in compliance and operating at peak performance. Want better equipment visibility on your jobsite? UR Control and Total Control help you view and assign assets on the jobsite, generate intercompany use charges, plus get access to telematics information for GPS-equipped fleets. Need to find an invoice? No problem. View and print right from the system. We have the software to make equipment maintenance and inspection seamless.

Quality Equipment Parts

If you have your own trusted technicians but need a few extra parts, we can help. From OEM parts to specialty and unique parts, we've got you covered. Whether your team is doing a routine tune-up or needs supplies for major repairs, we offer drop-ship and next-day delivery to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

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Why Inspect Something That Works Just Fine?

  • Ensure worker safety
  • Reduce liability risks
  • Extend equipment life and value
  • Improve use and productivity
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Improve resale value with service records
  • May be required by law

Hassle-Free Record Retention

  • Your Inspection is retained for at least 3 years
  • A duplicate set of records is available if needed
  • You can access your records at any location across North America
  • We can notify you when your next inspection is required

Find out which equipment can be covered by our program at 800.UR.RENTS

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