Frequently Asked Questions about United Rentals


Find out answers to frequently asked questions about equipment rentals, investor relations and more at United Rentals.

Investor Relations
Who do I contact for questions about investor relations?

Members of the media and financial professionals can address inquiries to:

Ted Grace

Vice President, Investor Relations

Office: (203) 618-7122

Mobile: (203) 399-8951

[email protected]

Is United Rentals a publicly traded company?

Yes, United Rentals is a publicly-traded company. We are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol URI. You can learn more at our Investor Relations section on the website.

Can I download recent investor presentations online?

Yes, investor presentations are available for download in the Investor Relations section of the website.

Where can I access recent and archived webcasts and conference calls?

Recent and archived webcasts and conference calls are available in the Investor Relations section of the website.

Is there an archive of financial press releases?

Yes, there is an archive of financial press releases that you can access at any time.

Is there a calendar of upcoming and archived investor events?

Yes, you can access a list of upcoming and archived investor events on our events calendar.

Where can I learn more about United Rentals corporate governance?

Information about our corporate governance is readily available in the Investor Relations section of the website.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Investor Relations or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.

Who do I contact for general media inquiries?

Members of the media, financial and marketing professionals can contact:

Ted Grace

Vice President, Investor Relations

Office: (203) 618-7122

Mobile: (203) 399-8951

[email protected]

Where do I go to learn more about United Rentals Corporate Responsibility?

You can download our corporate responsibility report or visit our sustainable growth website to learn more.

What is the Supplier Diversity Program?

We do everything we can to ensure that diversely-owned businesses are afforded equal opportunity to participate in our procurement processes. To qualify for the United Rentals Supplier Diversity program, a company must be at least 51% owned, controlled, and managed by a minority, woman, veteran, service-disabled veteran, or be classified as a Hub Zone, small business, small disadvantaged or 8A Supplier. Learn more about our supplier diversity program.

How do I apply for the Supplier Diversity Program?

We encourage both prospective and current suppliers who meet the eligibility requirements to complete a Supplier Profile using our Supplier Diversity system. Doing so will allow us to match your company's capabilities with our requirements. Learn more about the supplier diversity qualifications and application process.

What does United Rentals look for in a supply partner?

We seek out and work with suppliers who have sustainability programs, strong safety records, and experience meeting the regulatory and contractual requirements of our customers. We seek out suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to the communities they serve, and we embrace diversity through our Supplier Diversity Program.

How does United Rentals handle billing and procurement with suppliers?

United Rentals has adopted eProcurement to electronically document the purchase of equipment and supplies. Through this process we have eliminated the need to print thousands of invoices and procurement documents for our vendors and suppliers.

Who do I contact if I want more information about becoming a supplier?

You can contact a customer care representative, who will put you in touch with the appropriate person from our supplier team.

Has the company recently won any awards or been recognized for distinction?

United Rentals is proud of its corporate accomplishments and the outstanding efforts of its employees. We encourage you to learn more about United Rentals' awards and recognitions.  

How do I find out about upcoming events?

United Rentals hosts and participates in a variety of events from store openings to investor conferences. You can search for upcoming events through our events calendar.

Where can I read press releases and learn more about United Rentals?

You can visit our press room at any time to get up-to-date information about new communications from our company and to read about us in the news.

Do you sell contractor supplies?

Yes. United Rentals stocks thousands of quality, name-brand contractor supplies, including diamond blades, hard hats, safety gear, power tools, drill bits, ladders, duct tape and gloves. In addition, most supplies can be delivered to your job site within 24 hours. Learn more about the parts and supplies we sell by contacting a Customer Equipment Solutions expert now, or download a catalog below. 

Download a Catalog

Do you sell used equipment?

Yes. United Rentals is a major supplier of quality used equipment from top manufacturers. You can purchase used equipment from us with confidence, knowing that is has been professionally maintained and is in reliable operating condition. We guarantee every piece of equipment we sell. Search for used equipment online or download a catalog below.

Download a Catalog

Where can I get your latest catalog?

You can request a physical catalog online through our customer care center, download a digital copy below, or call 844-873-4948.

Download a Catalog

Does every store carry every type of equipment?

Our stores rent the most common types of equipment. We also have locations that carry specialized equipment, including Aerial, Trench Safety, Pump, Power & HVAC, and Heavy Machinery. However, every United Rentals store can help you get the equipment you need to your job site, no matter where it is.

Is 24/7 customer support available?

Absolutely. Calls and emails are answered by our customer care representatives around the clock. You can also chat live.


Where is my nearest United Rentals store?

You can find stores near your job site or home using our United Rentals store locator.

How do I find a local sales representative?

You can find a sales representative near you using our United Rentals store locator.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.

I want to find more than a great job — I want to build a career. Is United Rentals the place for me?

At United Rentals, we have a passion for people. We want to provide every employee with extraordinary career opportunities in an environment that is challenging and enriching. With a variety of job types from transportation to administration, we offer job seekers the chance to jumpstart their career. We also offer great benefits, promote diversity and are a military friendly employer.

Will I be able to find a position in my area?

Most likely. United Rentals is the largest equipment rental company in the world, with a store network nearly three times the size of any other provider, and locations in 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces. We serve a diverse customer base that includes construction and industrial companies, utilities, municipalities, homeowners and more. Learn about our company.

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What positions are currently available?

We are always looking to add qualified people to our team and post opportunities for positions at locations across North America. Learn more about the different types of jobs we offer or begin the search for a better career.

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How do I apply for a position?

If you have found a position you would like to apply to, you can build a career profile. Simply create a user id and password and submit your application online. You can may then modify your profile at any time.

If the right career opportunity is not available now, can I still create a profile?

Yes. You can create a career profile at any time and modify it as necessary. If a position you are interested in becomes available you can log in to your account and apply.

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What if I've forgotten my login password? How can I retrieve it?

Go to the login section and follow instructions to indicate that you need a password reminder. You will be emailed your password.

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Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Careers or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.

Total Control®
How do I know if I am eligible to use Total Control®?

Your sales representative can work with you to determine if you qualify to take advantage of the Total Control® fleet management system. Don’t know who your local sales representative is? You can use our store locator to find a sales representative near you.

Store Locator

Can Total Control® help me plan projects?

With Total Control® you can budget, plan and forecast all of your projects. You can also easily manage order and delivery schedules, optimize your billing and invoicing, and set up custom usage reports.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Total Control® or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575

Account Services
How can I obtain a credit application, and where do I send it for processing?

Visit our credit application page to submit an online credit application or download a credit application. You can also visit any of our store locations for information on how to apply by mail, by fax, or in person.

Store Locator

Will United Rentals rent to me if I do not have a credit account?

Yes; most United Rentals stores offer customers the ability to pay for their rentals in cash. Please contact your local store for terms and conditions.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Account Services or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.

Equipment Repair & Maintenance
Do you offer repair or maintenance services?

Yes. United Rentals offers several tiers of preventative maintenance, repairs and inspections through our Customer Equipment Solutions. Those tiers range from selling parts and supplies to creating turnkey fleet management solutions. We also provide onsite services, including emergency response. We even service equipment we didn’t rent or sell to you. 

If you're not sure what what you need, contact our CES expert today.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Equipment Repair & Maintenance.

Equipment Protection
Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for new and used equipment purchased?

We offer the United Guard™ Extended Warranty Program for both new and used equipment. View United Guard™ details

Do you offer rental protection for the equipment I rent?

United Rentals provides coverage through the Rental Protection Plan (RPP), which reduces your out-of-pocket costs in the event of accidental damage or theft of our rental equipment and vehicles. View Rental Protection Plan details.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Equipment Protection or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.

Order Status & Delivery
Do I pick up my equipment or is it delivered?

You can pick up your equipment at the United Rentals store supplying the rental, or arrange to have the equipment delivered to your job site. Don’t see your question here? Contact us for assistance.

How do I check on the status of an order?

Customers who have signed up to use UR Control™ - our free online rental account management platform - can request equipment off rent, track and control equipment costs, and see all rented equipment (even across multiple accounts) from your desktop or mobile device. Learn more about UR Control™ or contact a customer care representative

Still have more questions?

Contact us for more answers about Order Status & Delivery or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.

Training & Safety
Do you have training programs for my employees?

Yes. United Rentals offers a number of professional training programs on subjects including Operator and Aerial Equipment Certifications, First Aid and CPR, 10- ad 30-Hour OSHA Compliance Trainings, and Trench & Excavation Training. We encourage customers to ask for advice when renting equipment, to ensure the safest and most productive operations. Learn more about safety training and classes available through United Academy.

Why should I send my crew to United Rentals for training on compliance with OSHA standards?

Compliance with OSHA standards is mandatory, and every underground construction project is required to have a competent person on-hand. Our United Academy classes help ensure that your crews have the information they need to comply with relevant OSHA standards and guidelines, preventing costly fines and work delays. For example, just one trench accident could cost a firm over $1,000,000 in fines.

How do I pay for my training?

You can pay for online training with a credit card. For in-store training you can pay via cash, check or credit card on the day you attend your class. For more information about in-store training please contact a customer care representative.

How do I register for in-store training at a United Rentals location?

You can search through our United Academy database for in-store training courses including Operator and Aerial Equipment Certifications or First Aid & CPR, as well as course schedules or the locations of available courses. If you want to register for any of the classes, simply begin filling out our online registration form. You can then contact a customer care representative who will help you complete the registration process.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Trench Safety training courses?

If you have questions about any of our specialized Trench Safety training courses, you can email us at [email protected].

How do I find a training class in my area?

We offer our training programs at locations across the country. You can search through the United Academy database to find a class near you.

Is onsite training available?

Yes, if you need training for a dozen or more crew members we might have an onsite solution that's right for you. For more information about onsite training, contact your local sales representative or a customer care representative now.

Store Locator

Is online training available?

Yes, United Academy offers online training courses designed by our experts for classes in Confined Space Entry Training (CSE), Confined Spaces in Construction (CSE-C), and Excavation Safety Training for Competent Persons (CPT). Other online classes available range from Compressed Gas Procedures to Safety Committee Development Procedures. You can register online for these courses and attend them from the comfort of your home or office.

What specialized Trench Safety courses do you offer?

United Academy offers multiple Trench Safety courses like Confined Space Entry (CSE), as outlined in OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.46, and Excavation Safety Training for Competent Persons (CPT), which meets OSHA standard 1926 subpart P requirements.

Do you offer training courses for operator certification?

Yes. Our practical, hands-on training includes operator certification courses in Aerial (Scissor & Boom), Warehouse Forklift CL, and Variable Reach Forklift CL 7, as well as Train-the-Trainer.

What do I get for attending the United Rentals OSHA training course?

In addition to really understanding the OSHA standard and its implications for your job, all students who attend our OSHA training classes receive a valuable instructional workbook, an important reference aid for the future. Students also earn a wallet card and certificate upon the successful completion of courses.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more answers about Training & Safety or give us a call at 1.833.459.9575.