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Customer Equipment Solutions

Onsite Programs

Contact us now for a free assessment to learn how an Onsite Program can save money for your entire operation.

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Keep your equipment working as hard as you do

How you manage your fleet can have a big impact on driving overall worksite performance. And that’s why we created a site-specific Onsite Fleet Maintenance and Management Program to help you maintain — and manage— your owned equipment and site vehicles using the same systems, processes and expertise we apply every day to our more than 14+ billion dollars in fleet.

United Rentals' Onsite Program is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that encompasses:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Parts & Material Management
  • Fleet Systems
  • Fleet Advisory Services

Working together, we’ll build out a site-specific program that maximizes the benefits based on your site’s needs. You focus on running your worksite, while we turn the challenges of managing your fleet into an efficient, hassle-free operation.

Explore our Onsite Program below or contact an expert now for a hassle-free site assessment.

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Turnkey solutions to cover your entire operation

Maintenance, parts & supplies, support & systems and consulting give you an outsourced solution.

Maintenance Services
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Maintenance Services

We’ll station a dedicated team of factory-trained, certified mechanics right on your site.

Fleet Systems
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Fleet Systems

A single point-of-contact to oversee your fleet operations, using state-of-the-art systems and tools.

Fleet Advisory Services
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Fleet Advisory Services

We combine data and expertise to help you get better insights for better performance.

Onsite Programs

Maintenance Services

Professional maintenance done on your site by our skilled technicians.

We’ll station a dedicated team of our factory-trained, certified mechanics right on your site. No repair is too complex, and every repair is done with the same level of quality and expertise we use to condition our more than 690K+ unit rental fleet. If we can’t service something ourselves, we’ll contract the right vendors on your behalf.


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Vehicle Management from United Rentals

United Rentals' Onsite offering addresses the site challenges of vehicle management.  From maintenance, repair, and state inspections to fleet right-sizing and vehicle assignment – we can help optimize the vehicle fleet at your site.

Onsite maintenance work typically includes:


• Planned repairs/preventative maintenance
• Standard unplanned repairs 

• Monthly/annual inspections – ANSI, OSHA, CSA 

• Parts management
• Warranty work
• Specialty repairs
• Tire repair
• Bodywork/glass
• State vehicle inspections

Asset Types Managed

Mobile EquipmentSite VehiclesSpecialty Assets
Air CompressorsBucket TrucksAmbulances
BackhoesFuel TrucksEmergency Response Trailers
Boom LiftsHaul TrucksEmergency Response Trucks
CranesLube TrucksFire Trucks
ExcavatorsLugger TrucksFire Water Pumps
Industrial ForkliftsStandard Passenger Vehicles - TrucksGenerators
LoadersStandard Passenger Vehicles - SedansPumps
Mini-ExcavatorsStandard Passenger Vehicles - SUVsRICE Generators
Personnel LiftsTrailersRICE Pumps
Reach ForkliftsUtility VehiclesStationary Generators
Scissor LiftsWater TrucksStationary Pumps
SkidsteersWinch TrucksTuggers/Pullers
Small Tools Other - Per Site Requirements


Onsite Programs

Parts and Materials Management

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We've got you covered

We will design a parts and material program to meet the immediate needs of critical and non-essential assets while balancing the requirements (and expense!) of stocked parts to that of just-in-time delivery. We have the brands you rely on for every kind of fix, from routine tune-ups to major repair.

Parts Management

  • All parts procurement managed through United Rentals fleet management systems

  • Leverage United Rentals’ buying power with OEM dealers and alliance vendors

  • Develop JIT delivery methods

  • Determine requirements for stock parts—critical assets

  • Evaluate current parts inventory—Identify active and obsolete parts (Goal—0% obsolete parts)

Onsite Programs

Fleet Systems

A single point-of-contact for your fleet operations

Getting the most value from your equipment and vehicles takes more than a maintenance program; it takes active management. That’s why we’ll provide a single point of contact to oversee your fleet operations using the state-of-the-art systems and tools we use to manage ours. We’ll also apply the same best-practices we use every day to manage our $14 billion fleet at our more than 1,100 branches to help foster a culture of continuous operational improvement.

  • A single point of contact for fleet operations

  • United Rentals’ fleet management systems, including Total Control®, the industry’s leading platform for viewing and managing rented and owned equipment.

  • Defined service schedules

  • Work order processing

  • Proactive service alerts

  • Comprehensive performance reporting

  • Fueling solutions

United Rentals systems and technology work together to help you see, measure, manage and optimize your equipment usage. Telematics tagged equipment (whether rented or owned) brings full visibility to your fleet. United Rentals can even tag your equipment for you. All of the information and insight is easily accessed through Total Control®, a cloud based worksite management solution that helps you make the most of your equipment fleet. With Telematics and Total Control®, you can track location, utilization and access. Most importantly, you will have the insights to help you benchmark usage and optimize your spend on equipment.

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Onsite Programs

Fleet Advisory Services

The insights you need to make the right decisions

Better insights lead to better performance. We combine data and expertise to help you answer these types of questions:

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Which assets cost the most to repair?

bar graph

What's my total monthly cost of operations?

bar graph

Which repairs are most costly?

bar graph

Where is the bulk of my operations cost going?

Fleet advisory services typically include:

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Equipment Lifecycle Planning

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Fleet Right-Sizing

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Development of Site-Specific Fleet Strategy

Onsite Programs

What impact should you expect?

Breakthrough Results Start with a Complimentary Site Assessment

One example is a large refinery in Sunray, Texas: A United Rentals' customized Onsite Program was able to save the site over 20-percent of the total cost of maintenance operations within the first 90 days of implementation.

In addition, within the first two months, preventative maintenance compliance increased from under 40-percent to 100-percent.

Contact us now for a complimentary site assessment, which includes:

• Preliminary review of site equipment and vehicle asset listing

• Comprehensive site assessment

• Review findings, identify opportunity and share proposal

• Implementation of well-defined maintenance operations program

• Delivery of insights and development of fleet strategy


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Maintenance, Inspections, Parts and Fleet Management Solutions

Managed Maintenance Programs
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Managed Maintenance Programs

We'll customize a service and maintenance program to proactively handle your needs.

Parts & Supplies
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Parts & Supplies

Make your job easier with quality parts from United Rentals.

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Why Buy with United Rentals?

Discover best-in-class used equipment sales solutions with United Rentals. Our expertly trained technicians already inspect, service and maintain the largest fleet in North America. Because of that network, we're uniquely positioned to get you the equipment sales service you need whenever and wherever you need it.