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Working towards a more sustainable future

Equipment Emissions

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Explore emissions options. Support your sustainability goals.

As the world’s largest rental equipment company, United Rentals is committed to providing customers with a range of equipment options to support their sustainability goals.

As our world evolves, we understand many of our customers’ missions have also evolved around lessening their environmental impact. United Rentals is here to help.

We make it easy to understand the environmental impact of these different equipment options. With our online catalog, customers can search for and select equipment by emission level. These four levels include:

  • Standard emissions
  • Lower diesel emissions
  • Low emissions
  • Zero emissions

The ability to see the emission level when selecting equipment gives customers the information to choose the right equipment for their site. See below for a more detailed description of each level.

United Rentals is always aiming to provide more for our customers — today and into the future.

Emission Filters

The power to choose is now in your hands.

Standard Emissions

Standard Emissions

Standard emissions include the most common gas or diesel-powered equipment. The equipment is powered by USEPA certified engines.

Lower Diesel Emissions

Lower Diesel Emissions

This category encompasses equipment with Tier 4 USEPA certified engines. Tier 4 engines are the most stringent emissions currently in place for diesel engines.

Low Emissions

Low Emissions

The low emissions category contains equipment powered by hybrid, propane, or natural gas engines.

Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

The zero-emissions segment is comprised of equipment powered by battery, electric, or solar. This equipment creates no emissions when in use.


Featured Equipment by Emissions Category

Zero Emissions
Low Emissions
Lower Diesel Emissions

What to Expect

New filters and content indicate the emissions type of certain equipment

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More About Emissions & Sustainability

Emissions Glossary

Learn more about how we're defining our emissions filters so you have the most information to help you choose what is best for your needs and goals.

Standard Emissions

Standard emissions include equipment that is powered by USEPA certified engines. These choices include gasoline and diesel-powered equipment and are not separated by emission category. If you have a specific request, please note it at the order-entry process.

Lower Diesel Emissions

The lower diesel emissions category encompasses equipment powered by Tier 4 diesel engines. Tier 4 engines comply with a set of EPA-mandated emission standards for off-highway diesel engines. Tier 4 engines have less particulate matter and nitrous oxide emissions compared to prior tier engines.

Low Emissions

The low emissions category contains equipment powered by hybrid, propane or natural gas engines. Hybrid-powered machinery is becoming more available in the commercial construction industry. The most apparent advantages of hybrid equipment are increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Hybrid equipment also boasts more efficient performance as it can consistently run at the optimal speed and torque range for the task at hand. Propane- and natural gas-fueled equipment are known for burning cleaner when compared to diesel-powered equipment Using hybrid, propane or natural gas powered equipment may be a viable method to help meet sustainability goals

Zero Emissions

The zero-emissions segment comprises equipment powered by battery, electric or solar power. The equipment produces zero-emissions when being used. These machines are safe to use indoors as they emit no fumes or harmful toxins, making them a great option for reducing carbon emissions. Currently, most of the equipment powered by zero-emission powertrains are smaller, light-duty equipment like small forklifts and light construction equipment. Zero-emission equipment consumes no liquid fuel and as such, can help you to more quickly meet your sustainability goals.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do common fuel types compare in terms of emissions?
  • CO2 emissions from gasoline: ~8.8 kg CO2e/ gallon
  • CO2 emissions from diesel: ~10.2 kg CO2e/ gallon
  • CO2 emissions from 100% biodiesel: ~9.5 kg CO2e/ gallon (note only 5% to 20% can be used)
  • CO2 emissions from propane: ~5.7 kg CO2e/ gallon
  • CO2 emissions from natural gas: ~5.3 kg CO2e/ gallon

Source: https://www.epa.gov/climateleadership/ghg-emission-factors-hub

Does electric equipment have emissions?

Electric equipment does not have emissions during operation of the equipment. However, the electricity it takes to operate and/or charge the battery does have emissions (Scope 2). These emissions are produced at electric power plants and vary based on how the electricity is produced. 

What is renewable diesel?

Renewable diesel is a biomass-based fuel that meets the ASTM standard for diesel fuel and can be used at 100% concentration. (Note: biodiesel is different due to the manufacturing process and cannot be used at 100%). Renewable diesel can reduce GHG emissions from between 50% to 85% as compared to petroleum diesel.

What does "Tier" mean in off-road diesel emissions?

The USEPA required off-road diesel engines to get cleaner over time. To help categorize the steps, the USEPA developed different “tiers” that engine manufactures had to meet over time. Tier 0 has the most emissions and currently Tier 4 has lowest amount of emissions.

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Total Control® Emissions Tracking
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Total Control® Emissions Tracking

The Total Control Emissions Tracking feature provides customers with an informational report on greenhouse gas and source pollutant emissions based on engine usage.

Sustainability at United Rentals
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Sustainability at United Rentals

Our pursuit of environmental stewardship extends beyond our commitment to our own sustainability efforts. We have the expertise and the tools to help drive positive change from the inside out.