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Trash Pump, 2"

Centrifugal trash pumps will pass foreign material such as stones, leaves, mud, and various other solids that can clog other pumps. Should clogging occur, the clean-out cover can easily be removed by loosening the hand knobs, no tools are required. Trash pumps will pass solids half the size of the suction opening, i.e. a 2" trash pump will pass 1" spherical solids. Trash pumps will also pass up to 25% by volume of sand, silt, and mud. Units are selfpriming; simply fill the casing with water and you’re ready to go. Heavy-duty tubular steel frame is included for easy portability and component protection.
  • 2" suction and discharge ports
  • Pumps up to 185 GPM (0.7 M3M)
  • Quick, easy, trouble-free priming