Pump Products

High volume, high pressure solutions

From high volume and high pressure pumps to small, portable pumps, we offer pump rentals to help you solve almost any industrial or commercial fluid transfer need.

Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AOD Pumps)

Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps are small, versatile units capable of fulfilling most industrial and commercial pump applications. Standard 1-3” AOD pumps are constructed with aluminum, polyurethane, cast iron or stainless steel to pump a variety of fluids of varying consistency, temperatures, and acidity.

Electric Submersible & Sump Pumps

Electric Submersible Pumps are powerful pump systems used in underground dewatering or confined and hard to access job applications. These electric-driven units come in a variety of models and materials such as non-clog, stainless steel, slim-line, and wastewater series.

High Volume & High Head Pumps

Our Vacuum-Assisted Prime pumps are available in sizes from 3-30” with flow rates up to 42,000 GPM 750’ TDH. These high pressure and high flow pumps are available in standard ductile iron and stainless steel construction and an array of customizable options depending on your job requirements. Low maintenance and extremely versatile, these flagship pumps are capable of pumping a wide range of clear liquids and viscous, semi-solid fluids.  Venturi and Self Priming pumps are also available depending on your job requirements and preferences.

The dBa Silencer - Sound Attenuated Pumps

Used mostly in residential, commercial, and municipal applications, the fully-enclosed dBa Silencer Pump series come in sizes from 4-18” and operates at 68 dBa within 25 feet. The pump canopies on these diesel-driven pumps open fully for easy maintenance and repair.

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

Hydraulic submersible pumps are high flow, variable speed pumps. These indefinite run-dry pumps are available in sizes ranging from 3-12” with flows capacities of up to 7,000 GPM 78’ TDH. Ideal for wastewater, moving fluids with large solids or heavy particulate (such as in mining applications), and moving clear liquids at high flows.

The Sludgemaster – Sludge & Slurry Pump

The Sludgemaster pump is built to pump the most viscous sludges and slurries. Because of its ability to pump thick substances, this pump runs optimally at 55 strokes per minute. At maximum load, the Sludgemaster achieves 250 GPM at 150 PSI.

Trash & Water Pumps

Our portable,gas-powered, water and trash pumps come in 1-4” sizes with protective frames for use in a variety of applications. Self-priming pumps with flow capacities up to 433 GPM, these pumps are lightweight, allowing for individual transportation, installation, and operation.

Wellpoint Pumps

Created primarily for the construction industry, the fuel-efficient Wellpoint Pump systems are designed to remove groundwater or manage the water table on a job site. Wellpoint pumps run on a closed system and, with 6” and 8” models available, these systems achieve a static flow of 400 and 840 GPM, respectively.

Pump Accessories & Additional Products

Air Dryers

Skid mounted, regenerative desiccant air dryers have flow capacities up to 1,600 SCFM.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Double-walled, auxiliary fuel tanks are operator-friendly and come standard with a host of additional features, making them a no-hassle addition to any pump job requiring on-site refueling capabilities. Both 500 -1,200 Gallon options can be furnished with 12V hookups and can operate as a single fueling source for multiple pump systems.

Containment Berms

UV and chemical resistant containment berms of all sizes are available to prevent product spillover from polluting your jobsite.

Electric Rental Compressors

We provide rotary screw electric rental compressors up to 350 HP 150 CFM 125 PSI.

Filter Pots

Filter pots are available for filtering particulate or solid materials from a pump product stream. Commonly used in oil & gas applications, our filter pots are enhanced with operator-accessible trailers and dual pot setups, allowing for uninterrupted filtering operation and unnecessary downtime.

Light Towers

Portable light towers are available in a wide range of industrial capacities and wattages. Small and foldable for easy transportation and setup, aluminum halide light towers are capable of fully illuminating up to 7 acres with minimal power or maintenance requirements.

Pipe & Hose

Pipe and Hose are essential to any efficient pump system. United Rentals has thousands of miles of hose and pipe from 2-36”. Miles of stainless steel braided hose are on-hand to provide turnkey plant turnaround services. Water Hose, Kanaflex Hose, Oil Suction and Discharge (OSD) Hose, Bauer Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Fracmaster Hose, and the rest of our inventory is tested for quality before each rental or sale.

Portable Generators

Portable diesel and natural gas generators provide power to jobsites in remote or difficult to access areas. These durable machines come fully enclosed for enhanced durability in harsh conditions and come in up to 6,500 watt capacities.

Pump Fittings

In addition to pump parts, we also supply pump fittings for any system. Wil-loc (Bauer), Vitolic, Camlock, Quick-Connect, Flange fittings, and more are available in a range of sizes.

Pump Parts

We stock thousands of new pump parts and accessories for various pump models. From impellers to mechanical seals and replacement wear rings, United Rentals is your source for any pump part. Our service department staff will locate obsolete or rare pump parts and even keep replacement parts in stock for customers under maintenance contracts.

Road Crossings

Our 12’ and 24’-long stackable road crossings provide a convenient solution for jobs that require both vehicle access and unobstructed fluid movement. Road crossings come standard with 6-18” flanged hookups, are made of galvanized steel, and installation won’t impede pump flow through.