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interor of a server room in a data center with white floors
Electrical Solutions

Data Centers

Electrical Solutions for Data Centers

Reliable data center operation is critical for all facets of life in today's technology driven society. Finding critical system or engineering flaws in an operational data center leads to downtime and unrecoverable costs. Fully commissioning a data center's integrated systems ensures full and measurable functionality and helps mitigate the associated risks with downtime.

United Rentals offers the latest technology in data center testing equipment. We offer specific lines of equipment to simultaneously test both the mechanical and electrical systems critical to proper data center function. United Rentals maintains a best-in-class Electrical Solutions fleet complimented with a maintenance program to match. Get reliability where testing schedules demand it.

interor of a server room in a data center with white floors
Portable Load Banks

Utilizing portable load banks allows for the opportunity to test critical areas of your data center or server room during the commissioning process. United Rentals can provide load banks in either Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled models.

Mobile Load Bank Solutions

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Transformation and Distribution

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A large national customer was working with two manufacturers to produce switchgear packaged onto a modular sled which the customer then sold to major data centers. The company believed that one of the manufacturing partners had inadvertently induced a voltage issue as the 480V on each phase was feeding into the main breaker and the feeder breakers were outputting 460V A-B, 480V B-C, and 500V C-A. Neither switchgear manufacturer claimed responsibility for the issue.

United Rentals Electrical Solutions was asked to provide a solution to replace the faulty gear. Working closely with the customer, the Electrical Solutions team provided 5MWs of diesel generation at 480V and 20 – 400 kW load banks. The job required United Rentals to load on-site within two weeks, with setup scheduled for less than a week. Over 500 cables per day were installed and the customer was able to obtain all data needed. Commissioning was accomplished safely, on time and on budget.

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