WEDGE Environmental Monitoring Technology Provides Unprecedented Remote Climate Control

Remotely monitoring and managing worksite temperatures can prevent damage and expensive repairs, and help reduce project cost and emissions.

Maintaining required environmental conditions in an under-roof building during cold weather construction can be tough, but it’s essential in order to properly install and protect interior elements like drywall, flooring and wood trim. Construction environmental monitoring is made easier with WEDGE, a remote monitoring solution exclusively from United Rentals. Add-on smart heaters let you adjust the temperature without setting foot on site.

Remote temperature monitoring via cellphone

WEDGE allows you to remotely monitor jobsite temperature and humidity levels from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Sensors placed at key points throughout a jobsite continuously measure and record temperature and humidity at each location. And you can access this data from the WEDGE dashboard on any of your devices.

With WEDGE, you can monitor each jobsite on a room-by-room and floor-by-floor basis. That’s a significant advantage when you’re trying to maintain an optimal temperature in the basement to get concrete to cure while at the same time protecting the expensive wood paneling in the penthouse-level boardroom.

Custom alerts enable immediate response

You can access the real-time temperature and humidity data at any hour of the day or night. You can also set notifications that alert you or your coworkers via text or email you when levels exceed the parameters you’ve set. These notifications let you take quick action to remedy the problem.

Making temperature adjustments remotely

Knowing when the temperature gets too high or low is useful, but remote temperature monitoring can’t eliminate all late-night trips to the jobsite to make heater adjustments. You could find yourself climbing up and down stairs in the cold and dark to turn heaters on or off in various rooms at various levels.

Smart Heater hardware from United Rentals can help you to avoid those time-consuming trips. Attaching the Smart device to your rented construction heaters lets you remotely adjust each heater’s thermostat via the WEDGE dashboard.

Saving time, cutting costs, reducing waste

Until now, optimizing temperatures on a jobsite involved a lot of time and travel. Remotely monitoring and controlling the temperature saves time (and therefore money) and also conserves fuel.

Remote heater control conserves fuel, too. Contractors often decide to run heaters continuously so as not to risk the jobsite interior getting too cold, but that approach wastes fuel and money. Having the ability to turn heaters off and on remotely can help to keep your budget under control and to reduce your project’s environmental impact.

Historical data at the ready

Contractors can leverage historical WEDGE data on a project to determine the optimal amount and size of heaters, which can create a more efficient worksite.

WEDGE used in conjunction with Smart Control devices can transform environmental monitoring of construction sites, putting you in control, saving time and money and delivering increased peace of mind. You should always consult with an expert regarding the specific circumstances, applicable rules and regulations related to your site and to your situation.

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