Efficient and Effective Waste Removal

Saving time and money is even more important these days. The CL-250 saves both.

Tight timelines, slim budgets and project complexities put a lot of pressure on teams to find the most cost-effective and efficient solutions, especially for high-volume industrial plants. When it comes to water treatment, there is no room for error and there certainly isn’t room in the budget or the schedule for downtime. Innovative and cost-saving solutions are welcome. 

Enter: the CL-250 Clarifier.

The CL-250 is a part of a full line of Fluid Solutions pump, tank and filtration units. It is designed to provide highly effective, yet flexible, solid removal capabilities for a wide range of waste streams. The best part? The footprint – and cost to your bottom line – is much smaller.

The Best of Both Worlds

The CL-250 Clarifier insert design combines the easy mobilization of a standard frac tank, used for temporary and portable fluid storage, with the flexibility and effectiveness of a slant plate Lamella clarifier design, which allows for larger settling areas in a more compact footprint. It’s the best of both worlds – portable and efficient.

“It is an integrated, custom-designed liquid management system,” said Mehrzad Emanuel, Director of Filtration at United Rentals. “Our customers need solutions that help them keep downtime to a minimum but still achieve the same, if not more, productivity all within their budgets.”

The Ins and Outs

The insert can also be used in a standard weir tank, and a filtration application engineer can work with you to determine settling and flow rates for different sludge types ahead of installation.  Once the system is installed, the water enters the clarifier, flows over the first weir, under the second weir and then up through the slant plates within the clarifier insert. The units are outfitted with sludge removal inserts to allow sludge to be pumped out without interruption to your process. 

United Rentals’ CL-250 Clarifier is versatile enough to be effective across a range of worksites and projects including refineries, chemical plants, construction dewatering, environmental remediation and pipeline.

Small but Mighty

A project of scale that could require a bank of regular frac tanks is no match for the CL-250 Clarifier Insert. It’s fully modular and can accommodate flow rates of up to 500 GPM per unit so there’s no need to rent 5-6 settling tanks. 

Teams are looking for cost-effective and time-sensitive ways to keep projects – and fluids – moving. Switching to an innovative and custom solution like the CL-250 Clarifier Insert not only saves project dollars, but keeps downtime to a minimum. Fewer pieces of equipment onsite and faster turnarounds free up capital for other projects or contingencies. 

Streamlined and Safe

The insert is just one example of an innovative solution that puts productivity and safety at the forefront. A streamlined process, fewer equipment pieces on the site and a team of experts overseeing installation, the CL-250 Clarifier becomes not only a more efficient solution, but a safer one as well. Talk with your equipment engineer before placing the unit in an open-top tank to ensure the team is trained on proper procedures for lifting and placing and there is a competent person with confined space training onsite. Also, consulting with experts regarding specific circumstances, applicable rules, and regulations particular to your site and to your situation is always recommended.

Now more than ever it’s crucial to think outside the box for innovative, cost-saving solutions. The CL-250 Clarifier just happens to fit right inside one.


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